Causes And Overcoming Disorders In The Learning Process?

Illustration of Causes And Overcoming Disorders In The Learning Process?
Illustration: Causes And Overcoming Disorders In The Learning Process?

Tonight, I want to ask, in the past year I often experience events that I am not aware of, but I began to find out because my friends often say that my speech is strange and disconnected, for example like this, I was chatting with my friend and we were in the middle talking about Duck, then I will say “Yes, chickens really can’t swim” then my friend will say “You know how come it is chicken? We are again saying duck” even though I’m 100% sure I mentioned duck, and finally my friend videotaped me when I was also experiencing the same thing as above, so I concluded that if I felt my brain was saying A but my mouth instead said B. But, actually what’s wrong with me? thank you

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Maybe you are dyslexic. Dyslexia is a disorder in the learning process that is characterized by difficulty reading, writing, or spelling. Dyslexia is classified as a nerve disorder in the part of the brain that processes language, and can be found in children or adults. Although individuals with dyslexia have difficulty in learning, this disease does not affect a person's intelligence level. It is not yet known what the exact cause, there are several factors that are thought to trigger gene abnormalities in the language center in the brain, namely:
1. Infection during pregnancy.
2. Exposure to nicotine, alcohol, and drug during pregnancy.
3. Born prematurely or born with a low birth weight.
4. Family history of dyslexia.
Dyslexic patients will experience one of the symptoms as below, namely:
1. It is often wrong to say a name or word.
2. Writing often upside down, for example writing 'pit' when asked to write 'tip.'
3. Difficult to distinguish certain letters when writing, for example 'd' with 'b' or 'm' with 'w.
4. And others, you can read more here.
This condition is indeed incurable. However, efforts are needed to improve literacy. One way is by the phonic method. Some things from phonic methods that can be done, namely recognizing the sounds of words that sound similar (such as 'markets' and 'fences'), spelling and writing ranging from simple words to complex sentences, understanding letters and the arrangement of letters that make up these sounds, reading sentences out loud and precise, and understand the meaning that is read, and arrange sentences and understand new vocabulary. You can practice independently at home. If you are worried and this complaint interferes with performance in school or in the world of work, you should consult with a psychiatrist doctor in order to get the necessary treatment.
Thus hopefully useful.

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