Causes And Overcoming Irregular Menstruation?

Mlm, I’m 21 years old. I have problems with my menstruation that is not normal .. My octopus can be dated on 13, then next month I can get on 23, how far is it that is not right? “.. After that in the next month, I was unable to menstruate … Smpe on January 10, 2019, now I can’t yet … I have already checked, it’s already normal, but it’s normal and the doctor said that my hormones are not good … So, I’m still having a menstrual induction drug … can also do it .. Smpe the cure is mw hbis .. Is there any problem with me? I am afraid

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Menstruation is a hormonal cycle in women which normally occurs every 21-35 days and lasts for 3-7 days per cycle. If there are irregular periods, then this condition can occur because:

A diet that is too extreme
Overweight or obesity

Weight gain and fall is too drastic
Stress or anxiety
Fatigue and lack of sleep
Too much activity
Sports are too extreme
Consumption of junk food and fatty foods
Active or passive smoking
Using contraception that contains hormones
Thyroid hormone disorders

Ovarian cyst syndrome

In your case, your decision to see a gynecologist is appropriate. But with the medicine given out and there has been no change, you should go back to the obstetrician for further evaluation. Your doctor may re-do an ultrasound later to make sure that there are no cysts or other things that can trigger irregular menstruation for you, and may also do a hormone test to find out your hormonal balance.

Meanwhile, it is not impossible that you will still experience irregular periods because there are still bad life patterns that you live. Therefore, avoid the various triggering factors that we have stated above by maintaining ideal body weight, avoiding stress and eating healthy foods. So, hopefully answering your question.

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