Causes And Overcoming Respiratory Disorders?

Illustration of Causes And Overcoming Respiratory Disorders?
Illustration: Causes And Overcoming Respiratory Disorders?

I have been sleeping for a few months while breathing (not breathing) the airway in my throat feels closed. What is the problem with my condition? Thank you in advance

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Good evening, thanks for the question

Previously need to be confirmed about the term 'airway seemed closed' is similar to what symptoms, such as shortness of breath or chest pain or other symptoms given these symptoms are not generally encountered. Symptoms of respiratory disorders not only come from airway disorders, but can also come from disorders in the heart, blood, kidneys, central nervous system, psychogenic and so forth.

To be able to find out the underlying cause, doctors need to dig further around complaints (main symptoms, additional symptoms, triggering factors, mitigating factors, previous disease history, family history of illness, history of treatment, social history of habits, etc.), directed physical examination , and supporting examinations if needed.

Make further consultations with your doctor if you experience the following complaints that accompany symptoms of breathing problems, namely:

1. Limitation of normal activities
2. Shortness when lying down
3. Swelling in the legs
4. Fever
5. Shivering
6. There is a wheezing sound
7. Chest pain

To be able to deal with respiratory distress completely, specific treatment must be based on the exact cause. Therefore, do not hesitate to check yourself, especially if the complaint is increasingly disturbing.

That's all, hope you can help.

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