Causes And Overcoming Weight Of Children 8 Months Is Difficult To Increase?

Illustration of Causes And Overcoming Weight Of Children 8 Months Is Difficult To Increase?
Illustration: Causes And Overcoming Weight Of Children 8 Months Is Difficult To Increase?

afternoon. I ulan. I have a baby named kaka who will turn 8 months later on May 21. So, the baby is active. twisting here and there. can already crawl. But sometimes it seems like sucks. So breastfeeding. r but he can’t sit alone. sometimes I sit on my lap. When I shift my body, she can’t keep her body upright yet. My brother is 6 months old. He weighs 7.2 kg and his weight is 75cm. tp when 7 months old his body doesn’t even increase. still at 7.2kg. the tb becomes 79cm. even though I eat well and drink a lot of breastmilk. So I feed it 2x a day. with biscuit snacks. or occasionally I give fruit. And now many say that her body is soft, like shrinking. it was like that. used to be when I was 2-6 months my body was bundled and dense. but how come this is like slack huh. r n r nthat is the cause. r nhow do I deal with it so that the body will continue to rise. r nbut many say that the baby is limp “some are shrinking their bodies. r nplease explain yes yes

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Hello dear Mother Ulan,

I understand the worry you have. It is important to monitor the growth and development of the baby each month. Passing the 7th month, here are some parameters of the baby's growth and development:

growth: baby boy - approx. 6.7 - 10 kg in weight and about 65-73cm long. female baby - weighs 6 - 9.5 kg with approx. 63-71cm development: gross motor skills - baby begins to learn crawling (there are also babies who do not pass this phase and immediately walk), babies are able to sit longer fine motor skills - able to compose / categorize small and large size toys of communication - are able to say ma-ma or during social interactions - begin to feel anxious when meeting strangers, starting to follow simple movements (such as waving your hands or clapping your hands). At this age, baby's teeth generally begin to grow so that their gums feel itchy which causes them to often put their hands or objects into their mouths, where they will be bitten. To relieve this, you can give a teether toy or cold mashed fruit.

Regarding your child's condition. actually both their weight and body length are still within normal ranges. However, any weight that has not increased should be monitored further in the following months. For developmental problems, it requires direct observation and examination by a doctor, especially a pediatrician. The doctor will make sure there are no developmental problems in your child.

You need to understand, in principle, the development of each child is different and unique. There are times when your child has a little less or more abilities than other babies. Continue to stimulate the child's development and don't hesitate to consult a doctor.

Please read 7 months baby

Hopefully this is useful

dr. Lili

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