Causes And Remedies Indentation In Nails?

Illustration of Causes And Remedies Indentation In Nails?
Illustration: Causes And Remedies Indentation In Nails?

Hello doctor, I want to ask, so the index nail of my right hand has a kind of dent2, it is not smooth like normal nails. I searched on google which turned out to be pitting. It’s been almost a month or so it seems that the entire surface of my index nail is pitting. When I touched it, it wasn’t smooth either. It’s like the surface of a strawberry (?) What should I do? Oh yeah, on the ring finger of my right hand too, but not too much and if you touch it it’s not too obvious to feel the dent, still it can feel smooth. Oh yes, I am 16 years old. So far I have experienced nail pitting, there are no other obstacles. What should I do?

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Hello Minyoongi Thank you for asking

Nails that are indented on the nails are known as pitting nails, this condition can occur on any nail either on your hands or on your toenails. A grooved nail will look like a deep or shallow depression in your nail, usually you can feel it when you feel it if the crease is shallow. You may see a deep depression.

Indentations on the nails are often related to psoriasis, in addition to grooved nails, other complaints can also arise such as:

Nail shape changes from normal
Nails become thickened
Nails change color

Apart from psoriasis, some of these conditions, although rarely can cause pitting nails, are:

Connective tissue disease: reactive arthritis

Autoimmune disease

Contact Dermatits

The appearance of complaints of changes in the nails can indicate nail psoriasis. But keep in mind that curvy nails do not mean you have psoriasis. Basically psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory condition of the skin, the disease appears with a red rash on the skin, then the skin peels, thickens or feels scaly and is often accompanied by itching or pain. The parts of the body that often experience psoriasis are usually on the knees, back, elbows, and scalp.

If you also find these symptoms, you should consult a dermatologist for appropriate treatment. However, some people can experience nail psoriasis alone, without any symptoms on other parts of the skin. Although most of them are harmless, it would be better if you consult a doctor, even more so if these complaints have bothered you.

Treatment of grooved nails often takes a long time, and in some cases is not always effective. But most importantly you can prevent the dent in the nail from getting worse, by avoiding injury to that part of the nail, or pressing on the part of the nail. If the doctor diagnoses you with nail psoriasis, then several treatments may be given as you can read in this article about: Psoriasis Treatment

There are several ways you can also do it at home to keep your nails healthy, namely by doing the following:

Use a moisturizer, don't let the skin and nails dry too much. You can use petroleum jelly to moisten the nails
Cut nails with sharp nail clippers, long nails can increase the risk of injury to the nails
Cut nails with the correct technique. Cut the tips of the toenails to follow the shape of the toes. Use a nail file to smooth the edges of the tips of the nails that have just been clipped and still feel rough.
Keep your feet and toenails clean by washing regularly using clean water and soap. Don't forget to dry with a towel afterward.
Avoid nail biting
Avoid using nail polish, or other chemicals like acetone

That's all the answers from us, hopefully it's useful.

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