Causes And Remedies Ringing Ears?

Illustration of Causes And Remedies Ringing Ears?
Illustration: Causes And Remedies Ringing Ears?

Assalamuaikum r n r nDok today I have to check at the Puskeamas doctor because there is no ENT doctor so I continue to go to a general practitioner because my ears often make sounds, so I continue to diagnose tinitis and the doctor at the public health center was given a referral to The ENT doctor who was in the hospital then diagnosed it. I haven’t read the tinitis from the sheet for outpatient treatment. At that time I was given vitamins and flu medicine but now I have not yet managed to control again and seldom even the symptoms I think when talking about what else in a quiet place my ears also sounded even though they were not before and now I also have the flu and when I swallow my ears it also hurts. According to the doctor, is my disease serious? Thank you r n r nWelcome

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Ringing in the ears or known as tinnitus can be caused by various causes. From the circumstances that you experience, it may be caused by influenza.

Influenza is a state of viral infection of the respiratory tract. Influenza can happen to anyone. Influenza itself does not actually directly cause a ringing feeling in the ears. However influenza can cause colds and nasal congestion. Nasal congestion can cause increased pressure on the inner area of ​​the nose and ears. This increase in pressure can cause the eardrum to pull inward, which can cause ear pain, as well as ringing in the ears and decreased hearing function. But usually this can disappear if the flu symptoms have healed.

But apart from that the condition you are experiencing can also be caused by other causes such as;

middle ear infection
ear obstruction due to hardened earwax
eardrum tear
the presence of a foreign object in the ear
mastoiditis / mastoid inflammation

the condition you are experiencing cannot be said to be getting worse or not, to determine whether it is getting worse or not, it is necessary to directly examine by a doctor.

So it is recommended that you check directly with an ENT specialist so that the doctor can check your condition again.

here is an article that you can read about Tinnitus

may be useful. Thank you

dr. Danny

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