Causes And Solutions For Stroke?

At first, I often felt weak like Oxygen didn’t want to enter the brain. It felt like I was about to pass out so I automatically liked to lie down (on my back) before I actually fell and passed out. It usually makes me feel better even though it will take a while for me to recover until I can stand up again. Sometimes I feel so bad I am not ashamed to lay myself on the side of the road because I am so weak and feel like I am going to faint because my brain suddenly seems not supplied with oxygen. This happened several times.

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Hello Mr Ardean.

Thank you for the question.

Stroke is the stopping of blood flow to the brain due to blockage or rupture of brain blood vessels. Stroke caused by obstruction of cerebral blood flow is also called ischemic stroke and stroke due to rupture of brain blood vessels is called hemorrhagic stroke. Both ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke have the same symptoms, namely weakness or paralysis of half the body. Diabetes mellitus is a risk factor for stroke, like what you experienced.

Other risk factors for stroke:

high blood pressure
high blood cholesterol levels
have heart disease
have a previous history of stroke
a history of taking blood thinners
lack of exercise or activity
addicted to alcohol

The neurologist will provide medicines to prevent recurrent strokes, of course, assisted by the willingness of the stroke sufferer itself. In your case, you are suffering from a stroke with the risk factor being diabetes mellitus. So, the doctor will give you a drug according to the type of stroke you are experiencing, namely giving blood thinners, namely aspilet. In addition, insulin is intended to control your blood sugar levels. In addition, to reduce discomfort and increase the ability to move muscles, physiotherapy and rehabilitation can be done as recommended by a Medical Rehabilitation Doctor. The doctor will arrange the required therapy according to the current muscle capacity.

Other treatments that can be given for ischemic stroke are by:

Blood cholesterol-lowering drugs
Carotid endoterectomy: surgery on the patient's neck which is performed by removing fat that has accumulated in this part of the blood vessels.
Angioplasty: dilation of the carotid blood vessels.

The pain in the chest that you complain about can be caused by various factors, including:

pleurisy or pleurisy
lung infection
increased stomach acid
gastroesophageal reflux
injury to the chest area
chest muscle cramps
psychological stress

As for the suggestions that I can give for your complaint:

avoid consuming oily, acidic, and spicy foods
eat as often as possible in small portions
enough rest
avoid stress

While waiting for a busy schedule, you can do rehabilitation therapy which takes a long time. As for other suggestions that I can give to support improvement due to stroke suffered:

light routine exercise such as walking, doing homework
lose weight
maintain ideal body weight
consume healthy, nutritious and balanced food
consume drugs and control regularly

There are no studies on herbal medicines that are mentioned to treat stroke. Until now, treatment aimed not at curing strokes is only to prevent recurrent strokes and improve the quality of life for sufferers. This is so that stroke sufferers can carry out their daily activities.

Until now, treatment by using the DSA technique cannot be said to be safe because of the side effects that may be caused to patients. Similar treatment such as the injection of rTPA through the infusion is carried out by looking at various considerations, especially factors of patient readiness.

Treatment for BPJS problems can be asked to authorized BPJS officers. Treatment for stroke which is currently using the provisions and research that can be applied in Indonesia.

Basically, patients have the right to determine the choice of therapy to be used and choose their own doctor. BPJS will bear all fees charged to BPJS as long as it is within the limits of the applicable BPJS regulations. For this matter, you can also consult with the authorized BPJS officers.

Hopefully my explanation can answer all of his questions.


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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