Causes And Solutions Of Benign Laryngeal Tumors That Turn Malignant After Surgery?

Illustration of Causes And Solutions Of Benign Laryngeal Tumors That Turn Malignant After Surgery?
Illustration: Causes And Solutions Of Benign Laryngeal Tumors That Turn Malignant After Surgery?

my father, who was then convicted of a laryngeal tumor. then operated on. after the surgery was cman diksih that drug aj. then it will be increasingly sick. and after being tested for malignant tumors. what I want to ask is can a benign laryngeal tumor be transformed into a malignant tumor after surgery? And what is the next handling? thank you

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Hello Irwansyah, thank you for your question to

First of all, I want to confirm in advance a number of things:

Is the diagnosis before surgery a benign laryngeal tumor? Has an anatomic pathology examination been performed before surgery? What tests were carried out after the operation to finally be diagnosed with a malignant tumor? Benign laryngeal tumors have various types, some of which are papilloma, hemangioma, fibroma, rhabdomioma, neurofibroma, leiomyoma, schwannomma, etc. Some types of benign tumors that have the potential to become malignant, for example papillomas and neurofibromas, several other types of benign tumors have a low risk of turning malignant.

Even surgery performed to remove a tumor can be of various types. There are operations that are only performed to remove part of the tissue for the purpose of examination / diagnosis, there are operations that are performed to remove all tumors, there are also operations that must be done extensively (removing tumors and tissue around the tumor) which is usually done in cases of malignant tumors . Therefore it is very important to know also what operations were carried out on your father.

Because of the variety of possibilities that exist in tumor cases, you should discuss directly your father's condition with the doctor who treats your father. If indeed from the last tissue examination found a malignant tumor, then usually a series of additional checks will be done on your father to find out the malignant tumor staging. Therapy will certainly be adjusted to the staging obtained, but therapy for malignant tumors generally consists of surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and can also be targeted therapy. You should discuss the therapy your father needs directly with his doctor.

We recommend that the diagnosis and therapy for malignant tumors not be delayed because the malignant tumor is very easy to spread to the surrounding healthy tissue, even it can also spread to other organs that are far away (or called metastasis). The longer this condition is left, the tumor can become larger and spread.

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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