Causes And Solutions To Overcome Blocked Ears?

Illustration of Causes And Solutions To Overcome Blocked Ears?
Illustration: Causes And Solutions To Overcome Blocked Ears?

how to remove ear plugs. I went to the ENT doctor to ask for suction but not for suction. I ask that my ear is infected, but I don’t feel any scars or even the slightest pain in my ears. that feels like just clogging.

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Hello Dewielimurni Thank you for asking

Blockage in the ear can occur by several causes, in addition it needs to be ascertained whether the blockage in the ear is only an objective complaint or if there is an object that obstructs the ear.

The ear is divided into 3 parts based on its location namely the inner ear, middle ear, and outer ear.

If what is meant is external ear plugs, which begin from the earlobe to the ear canal. The outside of the ear can blockage for example by foreign objects such as insects, or other small objects other than that the blockage in the outer ear can also be caused by ear plugs or called cerumen. Earwax can harden and collect so that the ear plugs are called serumen prop.

Handling serumen prop if it does harden, usually the doctor will give medicines that can soften the earwax, and in the next few days you return to do the suction of the earwax to be cleaned.

However, if you have already seen it by a doctor, but when examined on the external ear, there is no foreign body or dirt that clogs it can be caused by an infection of the middle ear.

Middle ear infection is also called otitis media. Where the middle ear can be said to be a space occupied by the ear membrane and directly related to the channel leading to the nose is also called the eustachian tube. If there is an infection in the middle ear, the complaints that come up can be in the form of ear pain, feeling blocked, ringing in the ears, hearing loss. However, these symptoms are not always present in everyone, so what happens to you symptoms that occur in infections can be in the form of discomfort such as stuffiness in the ear. In addition, ear infections are also often accompanied by upper respiratory tract infections such as flu.

Therefore, the treatment performed on otitis media is in the form of medication according to the cause. For example giving decongestants to the nose to reduce blockages in the nose and eustachian tubes that cause a sense of blockage in the ear. Treatment with anti-inflammatory and if needed can also be given antibiotics.

So you should follow the recommendations of ENT specialists who have given you therapy, then do not forget to control again if complaints do not improve or even more aggravating. So that your doctor can re-condition the condition that happened to you.

Serkian answers from us, hopefully useful.

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