Causes And Solutions To Overcome Vomiting At The Age Of 3 Years?

Illustration of Causes And Solutions To Overcome Vomiting At The Age Of 3 Years?
Illustration: Causes And Solutions To Overcome Vomiting At The Age Of 3 Years?

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Vomiting is a condition of the contents of the stomach contents through the mouth which is usually accompanied by nausea and fullness in the chest and stomach. This vomiting can be dangerous if it occurs continuously because it can make a child no appetite and dehydration. Some things that can cause a child to vomit include:

 Infection, both caused by viruses or bacteria. Infection that attacks the digestive organs, can cause complaints of fever, abdominal pain, bowel movements, nausea, and vomiting Gastritis or stomach acid disease Food poisoning, usually occurs 1-8 hours after consuming certain foods and usually does not only occur in one person Disorders of the disease digestive organs such as intestinal obstruction, intestinal adhesions, gallstones, tumors, and so forth. Green vomiting indicates that food has been mixed with bile. Bile is a yellowish green liquid produced by the liver and functions in the process of digestion of food. Vomiting mixed with bile can indicate a serious condition in a child's digestion, for example due to intestinal obstruction (obstructive ileus), intestinal adhesions, tumor obstruction, and so forth. These conditions are usually accompanied by green vomiting, but also accompanied by abdominal pain, bloating, bulging stomach, and bowel obstruction. Other conditions that can cause green vomiting include eating foods that are green so that the contents of the stomach that are released will also be green. This vomiting will usually last within 6-24 hours, during this time should rest the child, avoid giving solid food to children, give soft foods that are easily digested, give sweet drinks or ORS 1 cup per child vomiting or give a few spoons every 15- 20 minutes and increased gradually, and if the child looks seriously ill, fatigue, severe abdominal pain, vomiting continues, diarrhea, green vomiting that does not originate from the food they consume, and there are signs of dehydration should not be delayed to see a doctor. The doctor will conduct a thorough examination and additional examinations such as blood tests, feces (dirt), ultrasound, and other examinations as needed. Handling will be tailored to the causes and conditions experienced.

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