Causes And Solutions To Treat Amniotic Fluid Is Reduced At 37 Weeks Of Gestation?

I want to ask r nWhen I was 34 weeks pregnant I lacked amniotic fluid so it had to be infused, finally I was treated at the hospital. Then 35 weeks pregnant ultrasound, the doctor said that her amniotic fluid is normal again. r nnah now my pregnancy age is 37 weeks just now I have ultrasound again, the doctor said that my amniotic fluid was not enough 3 weeks ago I was already on an intravenous drip and the doctor hasn’t normalized my amniotic fluid. why is there less amniotic fluid now? then why am I getting the infusion if it’s still not enough? r why is the amniotic fluid like urine can be reduced like that, can every urine continue to decrease the amniotic fluid? r nplease answer

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Amniotic fluid is the fluid that surrounds the baby in the womb which has many functions, including protecting the baby from shocks and impacts, protecting the baby from infection, helping to maintain the temperature in the womb, helping the development of the baby's respiratory and digestive systems, giving the baby room to move so that the bones and the muscles are well developed, protecting the umbilical cord from being compressed and interfering with blood flow from mother to fetus.

The condition in which the amniotic fluid decreases is called oligohydramnios. This condition can be caused by many things, including:

Leakage of the amniotic membrane causing leakage of amniotic fluid Hypertension in pregnancy (chronic hypertension or preeclampsia) Disorders of the placenta (eg placental abrasion or placenta detachment prematurely) Impaired fetal growth and genetic abnormalities in the fetus Birth defects in the fetus such as impaired fetal urinary tract formation Pregnancy past months Use of certain drugs during pregnancy

Amniotic fluid is not like the fluid in a balloon, which is always the same amount. Early in pregnancy, amniotic fluid is produced from the plasma of the mother and the fetus themselves. In the past half of pregnancy, amniotic fluid is mostly produced from the urine of the baby. This amniotic fluid will be swallowed and excreted again by the baby through the urinary tract, then swallowed and expelled again, and so on. The amount of amniotic fluid is also determined by the diffusion of the fluid through the placenta itself. Therefore, if there is a disturbance in this system, the amniotic fluid can decrease in quantity. Likewise, if there is a leak in the amniotic membrane. The amniotic fluid that continuously seeps out of the leak will also cause the fluid to decrease in quantity.

In your case, you should discuss further with your obstetrician. The condition of oligohydramnios clearly requires therapy. If it is not treated and the amniotic fluid is left lacking continuously, your fetal growth can be disturbed.

Here are articles related to oligohydramnios that you can read

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