Causes And Solutions To Treat Vaginal Discharge After Bartholin’s Cyst Surgery?

Illustration of Causes And Solutions To Treat Vaginal Discharge After Bartholin’s Cyst Surgery?
Illustration: Causes And Solutions To Treat Vaginal Discharge After Bartholin’s Cyst Surgery?

good morning, I want to ask. last month I finished a Bartholin cyst operation, before that I also had vaginal discharge, the smell was also very strong. After the operation, the smell disappeared and her vaginal discharge returned to normal, odorless. But after a few weeks the vaginal discharge came back but started to smell bad. how come so that the smell doesn’t appear again or so it doesn’t get worse?

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Hello Ulfa.

Thank you for the question.

Bartholin's cyst is a cyst caused by a blockage in the Bartholin gland. These glands are located on both sides of the vaginal lips which function to produce lubrication during sexual intercourse. Bartholin gland blockage generally only occurs on one side. The causes of blockage of a Bartholin cyst include: bacterial infection, long-term irritation, or inflammation. Bacterial infections that cause Bartholin cysts are caused by bacteria that cause sexually transmitted infections such as Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis. Neisseria gonorrhoeae infection can cause gonorrhea while Chlamydia trachomatis often gets trachoma in babies born to mothers infected with this disease. Small bartolin cysts usually cause no symptoms and do not require special treatment. However, often you find Bartholin's cysts that are enlarged and cause symptoms. The symptom that is mainly felt is pain in the pubic area either when walking or sitting.

Examination of a Bartholin cyst is by examining the genitals by a doctor. Handling of a Bartholin cyst that is already causing symptoms will be:

giving antibiotics and medication to partners to avoid recurrent infections
surgical method of removing the enlarged glands.

The special thing to pay attention to is avoiding sexual intercourse during the healing process and taking medications that have been given regularly.

As for other things that are suggested such as:

keep the feminine area clean
use a condom if you have sex

Whitish is a matter of concern for all women. There is normal and abnormal vaginal discharge. Normal vaginal discharge occurs in women before menstruation, fertile period, and during pregnancy. Vaginal discharge is said to be abnormal when it causes other symptoms such as itching, odor, and is not clear. Causes of vaginal discharge include:

bacterial infection. Leucorrhoea due to bacterial infection is mostly a sexually transmitted infection. Symptoms include itching, smell, and cause a yellowish color.
yeast infection. Leucorrhoea due to fungus is usually related to the patient's hygiene and health status. Patients with obesity, pregnancy, and diabetes will be more prone to this disease. The fungus that most often causes vaginal discharge is Candida albicans. Symptoms are itchy, sour smell, and white like stale milk.
parasitic infection. Leucorrhoea due to parasitic infection is usually a protozoan that is sexually transmitted and is a sexually transmitted infection. This disease is better known as Trichomoniasis. Symptoms include itching, smell fishy, ​​and greenish in color.
malignancy or cancer. In uterine or cervical cancer causes vaginal discharge which is sometimes mixed with blood and the discharge is very smelly.

It's a good idea to consult further to a Gynecologist for this.

The suggestions that I can give to prevent vaginal discharge are:

consult a doctor if there are problems in your femininity
take medication regularly
not washing the vagina too often using vaginal washing soap
change the underwear whenever it is wet or damp
if menstruating, change pads every 4 hours
use condoms when having sex
not changing sexual partners

Hopefully my explanation can answer the question.


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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