Causes And Treat Baker Cysts?

Illustration of Causes And Treat Baker Cysts?
Illustration: Causes And Treat Baker Cysts?

My left knee has a cyst behind me, it’s been 2 months, the doctor said, just use the deker later it will also heal, but if my leg goes a long time, it hurts like that. How to treat this beaker cyst? Thanks

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A baker's cyst is a fluid-filled sac that protrudes at the back of the knee. Although not dangerous, baker cysts can cause pain and discomfort when moving the knee. Baker cysts are generally formed due to certain diseases of the knee joint such as inflammation of the knee joint (arthritis) or due to injury to the knee.

Sometimes baker cysts can disappear by themselves without any therapy, especially if the condition of inflammation or disease in the knee has been successfully controlled or resolved. Some other therapies that can be recommended by doctors include:

corticosteroid injection to treat inflammation in the knee joint
taking fluid from the joints
physical therapy such as ice compresses, compression with elastic bandages, or walking using a cane to reduce pain, muscle strengthening exercises around the knee can also help reduce symptoms on the knee

If indeed the symptoms that you feel are not relieved by the treatment recommended by your doctor, you should return for control or you can also consult directly with an orthopedic doctor for further evaluation and management.

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