Causes And Treatment For Appendicitis?

Illustration of Causes And Treatment For Appendicitis?
Illustration: Causes And Treatment For Appendicitis?

hello I have appendicitis, after checking with a specialist the results were given antibiotics, which I feel has been developing in the past 2 days from the pain around the lower right abdomen has decreased, the stomach is not bloated, urinating is not diarrhea, even lust Eating is already appearing, the question is do I still need to do appendectomy? Thank you in advance

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Hello Andri.

Acute appendicitis inflammation (Appendicitis) is a dangerous condition if not treated medically. Appendicitis inflammation can cause symptoms such as fever, stomach pain from the navel to the lower right, vomiting, decreased appetite, flatulence.

If you have been diagnosed with acute appendicitis, the doctor will usually give you medications such as antibiotics. The drug usually aims to eliminate the bacteria that are around the appendix. Even though your symptoms have improved, a repeat check-up with a specialist doctor is needed so that the doctor can check your condition again. Usually if the appendix is ​​already very inflamed, then surgery is likely to be needed to avoid complications such as rupture of a very dangerous appendix.

The following article you can read about dead-end cases

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