Causes And Treatment For Diaper Rash?

Illustration of Causes And Treatment For Diaper Rash?
Illustration: Causes And Treatment For Diaper Rash?

Pagy, I want to ask how to cure diaper rash that doesn’t heal. Already treated with ointment many times, use a special momilen rash that never smbuh. then already smbuh instead ad lg. sometimes it’s gone, red y white date y (used y) but there’s LG. how about that I use clodi. if pampers at night just when I want to sleep.

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There are complaints of baby's skin with recurrent skin inflammation in the use of diapers, also with dermatitis, napkin dermtitis, which is a inflammation of the skin that is characterized by redness and irritation of the baby's skin using diapers that are triggered by skin contact with baby urine or contact with materials and chemicals from diapers. used. The presence of irritants that come in contact with the skin can cause skin inflammation and if the material or composition of certain ingredients or urine is still in frequent contact, then this complaint will often recur. Therefore, to help control or prevent these complaints from recurring, several things need to be considered, namely:
1. use a cloth diaper or cloth diaper, both for everyday or while the baby is sleeping
2. Avoid the use of disposable diapers of any brand until the baby's skin is healed, so that even if your baby cries at night when urinating, you can immediately clean urine and / or baby feces. this will help reduce prolonged skin contact with irritants
3. Rinse with water and soap when cleaning, then dry
4. Treat diaper rash with medications that have been given by your doctor according to your doctor's recommendations
5. control routine to your dermatologist or pediatrician
By paying attention to some of the above, it is expected that contact of the irritant with the baby's skin can be minimized and will prevent the recurrence of complaints experienced by your baby. If you are still giving disposable diapers at night while the baby is sleeping, then this is still risky because there is still skin contact with disposable diapers or because the baby's urine is stuck in the diaper.
Discuss with your doctor, so that the doctor can evaluate the treatments and treatments that have been done. Thus, the doctor can provide appropriate treatment recommendations for this diaper rash. In addition, doctors also consider several other medical conditions that can also cause baby's skin rashes such as fungal infections, bacterial infections, viral infections or allergies. Thus, treatment can be carried out appropriately.
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