Causes And Treatment For Gum Abscesses?

Illustration of Causes And Treatment For Gum Abscesses?
Illustration: Causes And Treatment For Gum Abscesses?

Morning … I have a younger brother affected by a gum abscess he is afraid to see a doctor … gum abscess sometimes shrink sometimes enlarge How is the solution to cure him … thank you

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Hello Aries, Thank you for the question.

An abscess is a collection of pus contained within a tissue or organ of the body which is generally caused by a bacterial infection. Bacterial infections can occur due to poor oral health. In the oral cavity, this abscess can occur in the teeth (the tip of the tooth root), gums, or bones that hold the teeth. In gum abscess, the sufferer will experience lumps that appear on the gums that feel uncomfortable or painful. Aside from pain, these lumps can get bigger. Sufferers can also experience fever and swollen lymph nodes under the jaw or neck.

If your sister has a gum abscess, it is recommended that your sister consult a dentist immediately because this condition requires further medical treatment. The doctor needs to do further tests to determine whether the abscess also occurs in the tooth and assess the severity of the abscess. Handling that will be given by the dentist can be in the form of antibiotics, cleaning the dental canal, drying the abscess by making a small incision, or pulling teeth if an abscess is found in the tooth. You can try to continue to give your sister understanding and support. Tell your sister the complications that occur if this condition is not treated immediately, this bacterial infection can worsen and spread to surrounding tissues including the jaw, neck, head or even spread throughout the body. Therefore, to avoid this, treatment should be done as soon as possible. Parents or you can accompany your sister during a dentist's examination so that your sister can be more calm.

For the time being, please advise your sister to keep her teeth clean by brushing regularly and be more careful when brushing teeth in the abscess area. Also use antiseptic mouthwash if necessary. Avoid consuming foods and drinks that are high in sugar.

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I hope this helps.

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