Causes And Treatment For Herpes?

Illustration of Causes And Treatment For Herpes?
Illustration: Causes And Treatment For Herpes?

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Herpes is a disease condition caused by infection with virusherpesviridae. Herpes can be caused by several types of viruses, one of the most common is herpes simplex virus (HSV) infection. Herpes can appear in the area around the mouth, skin, face and body, or a person's genitals.

In herpes infections, there are several stages or stages that can be experienced, including:

Primary stage. Symptoms that appear are blisters (blisters) are small, but painful. Blisters usually contain clear or cloudy liquid, and can rupture and cause open sores.
Latent stage. In this stage, the virus is actually spreading to the nerves near the spinal cord through the skin.
Stage of decay. At this stage, the virus begins to multiply at the nerve endings of the body's organs, the herpes virus can be contained in bodily fluids such as semen and mucus. Usually there are no visible symptoms, but actually there is a proliferation of viruses in the body.
Recurrence stage (reappears). At this stage, skin blisters that occur in the first stage can reappear. Symptoms can occur such as itching, tingling, and pain in the affected area at the first stage.

Please note that in herpes virus infection, recurrence can occur. So that these conditions can occur repeatedly. It is advisable to consult a doctor or dermatologist regarding further examination and management. There are a number of things that can be done to help prevent herpes infections, including avoiding physical contact with others, washing your hands regularly, using topical antiviral medication after consulting a doctor, avoiding intercourse during the symptoms of herpes appear.

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