Causes And Treatment For Typhus?

Illustration of Causes And Treatment For Typhus?
Illustration: Causes And Treatment For Typhus?

Hello, r nYou want to ask r nYou have 4 days and I am hot like a fire r nAnd after I seek medical treatment and check the blood, the result is positive typhus r n, r nThen after I have treated, the pain is reduced only in kpla And body temperature, but my stomach and my back are still the same, hot .. r n r nAnd my body is cold r n r nKnp like that? r n r nPlease answer yes r nThank you

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Typhoid fever is an acute infection of Salmonella typhi bacteria in the lower gastrointestinal tract. This bacterium is transmitted by faecal-oral means through food and drinks that are contaminated by bacteria that come from patients or carriers (carriers) of tihpoid germs, usually out together with feces.

The typical complaint of this disease is fever accompanied by indigestion. Fever lasts 3 weeks and the temperature is not too high. Initially the temperature will gradually rise to resemble a ladder during the first week of illness, and be higher in the afternoon and evening. In the second week there is still fever, and it starts to decrease sharply in the third week and reaches normal again in the fourth week. Can also be accompanied by shivering complaints as you feel. Patients can also experience digestive disorders such as abdominal pain, flatulence, constipation or diarrhea. This is natural because the focus of infection occurs in the digestive tract.

Treatment must continue until symptoms subside. Antibiotics can be given up to 2 weeks while the patient is also advised to rest.

To prevent recurring complaints, consider the following:

1. Improve lersonal hygiene such as routine hand washing

2. Improve food and beverage hygiene such as vegetables and fruits that are washed with clean water

3. Improving poor environmental sanitation including the management of wastewater, sewage, and garbage

4. Provision of adequate clean water

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