Causes And Treatment Of Brown Phlegm Cough?

Illustration of Causes And Treatment Of Brown Phlegm Cough?
Illustration: Causes And Treatment Of Brown Phlegm Cough?

Hello, I want to ask, so I will continue my studies in Malaysia, here with my friends. Initially there was 1 friend who coughed a long time ago, then I and 1 other friend joined in coughing, maybe also the influence of food here which mostly uses coconut milk. About a week I cough and not get better until my throat hurts. Then one night when I expelled phlegm there was blood mucus. I was googling and that was an indication because of the coughing frequency he said so his throat was chafed. Then my cough healed. But my other friends are still coughing. Until now I sometimes cough, and sometimes I notice the sputum, there are just ordinary white / greenish colors. But recently the sputum is brown. How is that? Are these symptoms of tuberculosis? I am very scared. I want to ask a coughing friend, is there any tuberculosis? I am afraid and uncomfortable. Because he was right here coughing there was also blood mucus out because we kept coughing. Want treatment here is expensive. What can I do? thank you

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Good morning. Thank you for asking

Coughing can be experienced by various ages and is usually a symptom of ailments related to the respiratory tract. Some things that can happen to cough are

Smoking habit
Infections such as tuberculosis or bacteria in the form of pneumonia
Increased stomach acid that occurs continuously
Side effects of the drug

Some things that might usually be accompanied by several other symptoms such as

Sweat at night
Weight loss

To reduce the symptoms that you and your friends experience, then a number of things can be done

Avoid smoking
If the experience is prolonged you should check yourself to the doctor to ascertain the possibility of infection, the examination of bacteria is usually only required sputum examination and from sputum can be estimated possible causes of whether there is infection or not
Use a mask if there is pollution

Related to tuberculosis, a further examination must be carried out such as a physical examination by the doctor then the examination is followed by a sputum examination or imaging examination with a chest photograph. You should immediately see a doctor for an examination. If if people around him also experience the same thing.

More information in the following article.

Thus the information we can convey. Thanks.

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