Causes And Treatment Of Complaints Of Pain In The Gut And Often Dizzy?

Illustration of Causes And Treatment Of Complaints Of Pain In The Gut And Often Dizzy?
Illustration: Causes And Treatment Of Complaints Of Pain In The Gut And Often Dizzy?

Initially, pain in the solar plexus, the pain was taken to the doctor and received medication and felt dizzy after taking the medicine. Now, I feel dizzy and painful in the neck and back, what do you think the medicine is? I am still 18 years old

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There are complaints of stomach pain, now accompanied by complaints of puzzling and uncomfortable neck-back area, even though you have consulted with your doctor, then these complaints may be triggered by gastrointestinal disorders that you have previously experienced and until now the condition has not also fully recovered. The presence of stomach pain complaints either in the form of gastric disorders or diarrhea / flaccid chapters can trigger other complaints as you feel. Excessive stomach acid production or gastrointestinal irritation, can interfere with food uptake and digestion processes, so that energy requirements for the work of muscles, the body and nervous system will also disturbed. Therefore, if you still feel complaints and disturbances in your digestive tract or your stomach, then these digestive disorders should be treated and restored immediately, both with treatment from a doctor and prevent triggering factors and seek a healthy eating pattern.

Some of the things below can trigger digestive disorders such as:

1. stress

2. physical slack

3. late eating

4. consumption of spicy foods, instant foods, foods with excessive salt and MSG content, foods with risky additives, coffee or other specific foods that affect these complaints for you

5. less air intake

6. food poisoning

By preventing these risks, it is hoped that your digestion will be healthy and complaints are puzzling and uncomfortable in the neck and back area can soon improve. To help restore dizziness and discomfort from the neck and back, you can increase your resting needs and avoid staying up late. Consume adequate fluids around 1.5 liters per day, and apply warm water compresses to your waist, neck and around the temples. Do warm water compresses for about 15 minutes with a frequency of 2-3 times per day. So the accompanying complaints may not be because of the medicine you are taking, but because of the pain you are experiencing.

Even if you have consulted with your doctor, but the complaint is still the same, then you should consult your doctor again, so that the doctor can re-examine and re-evaluate both in relation to the cause and evaluation of treatment that has been given.

The doctor can plan additional examinations to ascertain the possibility of other diseases that accompany, such as anemia, liver disorders, digestive infections, or appendicitis. The results of the examination will be a reference for doctors to provide further treatment and further treatment.

As such, I cannot give a drug recommendation without a medical examination beforehand, so only the doctor who treats you can provide treatment, because your doctor better understands your current condition. For now, you can continue with the treatment the doctor has given, finish the medication, and if the medication has run out, the complaint name is still there, then immediately consult your doctor again.

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