Causes And Treatment Of Depression?

Illustration of Causes And Treatment Of Depression?
Illustration: Causes And Treatment Of Depression?

I am female, 17 years old. I realized that my behavior was out of ordinary. I have long suffered from PJR (rheumatic heart disease) around 5/6 years, and last year I was exposed to tuberculosis, and chronic magh. Since I was sick I realized that often my emotions are unstable, often I get angry / bad mood. Since childhood, I tend to be quiet. And rarely express feelings, and difficult to get along. My family used to be busy, so I felt lonely and annoyed, but since they were sick they became more considerate. I used to sometimes act as if I were acting / imagining (when I think, I realize I always act with myself. The story is about the things I dream of, situations / conditions that will never happen, or things I fail to achieve) this behavior first appearing sometimes, or a little more often, but in the past two years it has reappeared and has become very frequent. Because I was introverted, I often harbored everything, though I often confide in or tell stories, there are still many who are stuck and cannot be disclosed. I really felt a lot of pressure, in the past year my emotions were more out of control, I continued to feel sad, angry, guilty because it bothered my family, often crying alone. My hobby is writing and reading but somehow I rarely do it lately. Because of this chronic illness, I had to give up my high school days, and was forced to homeschool. I am very anxious and afraid of my future, I am often pessimistic and negative thinking. I started to become lazy, and avoid all activities. it’s hard to make decisions and sometimes it’s hard to concentrate and make decisions. Am I depressed?

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Hello fadhilah,

Thank you for asking

The test you face, which is in the form of chronic diseases and requires a short treatment period, can indeed trigger mental stress on its own. If you don't want to react to it properly, what comes up can eventually be depression. Not only that, it can also arise disturbing thoughts that are actually not real but are considered very real by you (delusions or hallucinations). In addition, you can also tend to shut down, feel uncomfortable and not understood by others, feel helpless, and can even end up doing things that endanger yourself as well as others around you, for example suicide attempts.

Your condition should be recognized and treated early on. Because, if not, then serious complications can occur. Not only that, you can no longer be enthusiastic about undergoing treatment so that your illness can not go away. Furthermore, the quality of yourself will decrease dramatically because of it.

Before it's too late, try to see your doctor or a psychiatrist. Through in-depth psychiatric interviews, doctors are often able to identify if there are certain disorders that refer to psychiatric disorders, whether depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizoaffective disorder, delusional disorders, schizophrenia, and so on. Take your parents and accompany you to see a doctor so that he can help you manage your efforts to be more optimal.

Don't forget, maximize your handling also with the following steps:

Broaden your relationships, so you can get to know more about the character of people, complete with the problems faced, and how they deal with these problems
Realize, not only have you been hit by the test, each person is also tested by God with his own life problems, not only you
Rest assured, that God tests His servants with problems, because He believes you are able to overcome them
Solve your own problems well, don't think about it too complicated, don't also feel that all the problems in this world you must bear
Keep yourself busy with positive activities, which are useful in building your personal better
Don't be too lonely, stunned, or imagined
Try to make your dreams come true
Continue to develop your potential into a proud achievement
Try to always think positively, of others, of yourself, and also of the destiny that God created for you
Improve the quality of your worship, get along with a good environment

Hope this helps ...

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