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at night doctor…my husband is 43 years old suffering from diabetes since 2013 first checked his fasting blood sugar 350 after routine treatment it went down 200-250..had improved by taking doctor’s medicine regularly, because he felt better my husband didn’t want to take it anymore doctor’s medicine..only taking herbs, the symptoms of diabetes are gone, his eyes have recovered, his blood sugar is not too high, it’s around 200 but his appetite is gone, he said his stomach felt full and he was full..finally his weight dropped drastically the remaining 45kg from the beginning before diabetes 75 kg. His body often hurts and aches, especially the legs and thighs. A few days ago we went to the doctor and were given insulin injection therapy every morning..the result was a drastic increase in appetite..which is my question:rn1. Is my husband’s diabetes typern2. The signs of diabetes are no longer found (normal urination, normal eyes, normal sex) does my husband still have diabetes? What causes my husband to continue to feel full even though diabetes is synonymous with constant hungerrn4. Is it normal for increased appetite after insulin injectionsrn5. Are the sore legs and thighs the result of diabetesrn6. What drugs and therapies are suitable for my husband.rnThank you

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Hi Triastuti,

Diabetes is a disorder in which blood glucose levels are too high in the blood circulation. Diabetes is divided into 2, namely diabetes insipidus and diabetes mellitus. Both have insulin disorders but in type 1 diabetes (insipidus) there is damage to the pancreas which causes insufficient insulin hormone in the body that transports blood sugar so that there is an increase in glucose levels in the blood while in diabetes mellitus (type 2) insulin resistance occurs due to intake of insulin. uncontrolled glucose so that glucose levels become high in the blood.

To find out the type of diabetes, consultation, physical examination and supporting examinations such as blood tests are needed to determine the location of the abnormality. Generally, type 1 diabetes is acquired since childhood due to a possible genetic disorder, while type 2 diabetes is related to a person's lifestyle. Diabetes in a person cannot be said to be cured but blood sugar is controlled so that it becomes normal again when an examination is carried out.

The feeling of satiety is related to glucose levels in the blood and the hormones leptin and ghrelin that cause hunger. In people with controlled blood sugar, there is generally sufficient glucose in the tissues so that a person can feel full longer, in addition to a high-fiber diet can also keep the feeling of fullness lasting longer.

The effect caused by insulin is to enter glucose into the tissues so that blood sugar drops quickly, this allows an increase in appetite in diabetic people but still do a healthy diet in diabetes conditions where appetite remains high.

In people with diabetes, at the ends of the legs such as the feet or hands can occur nerve abnormalities due to damage due to high levels of sugar in the blood which can cause numbness, pain in the feet, or a decreased pain threshold. But pain in the legs can also be caused by osteoarthritis or due to excessive activities such as walking long distances.

For a suitable treatment for diabetes, it depends on blood sugar levels and response to treatment, so it is best to consult a doctor and perform a physical examination and also routine support to monitor the husband's blood sugar so that the appropriate drug can be given. In addition, do exercise regularly and consume foods high in fiber such as green vegetables and fruits and limit the intake of carbohydrate sources that enter the body.

Here's an article about diet in diabetes that you can see.

I hope this information is helpful.


dr. Irvandi

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