Causes And Treatment Of Fever, Cough And Runny Nose?

Illustration of Causes And Treatment Of Fever, Cough And Runny Nose?
Illustration: Causes And Treatment Of Fever, Cough And Runny Nose?

, I am now 25 years old. from 5 days ago I had a fever of cough and runny nose, I went to the doctor then prescribed cefixime 100mg, cough and cold medicine, inflammatory medicine and vitamins. the fever reappeared the next day until afterwards. until antibiotics run out now even added with dizziness and still have colds and greenish yellow snot. how is the solution? it’s been over a week

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Hello Wibi, thank you for asking to

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Responding to complaints that you describe you may experience several diseases. Prolonged fever accompanied by headaches, greenish colds can be caused by several things:

  Common Cold - Commonly referred to as a cold cough, this is caused by a virus. Complaints that can last 7-14 days. Complaints are usually cough, runny nose, fever, sneezing usually felt. Rhinitis.-Inflammation of the nose, can be caused due to viruses / bacteria. Complaints are similar to common cold but snot is usually clear for viral causes, and greenish for bacterial infections. Sinusitis - Inflammation of the sinuses, this is caused by the accumulation of fluid in the sinus cavities and causes inflammation. Liquid can be pus, blood or mucus / snot. This is usually caused due to a prolonged infection. Complaints are usually pain in the cheeks, or headaches. Typhoid Fever - Infection caused by salmonella thypii bacteria, or commonly referred to as typhus in Indonesia. Usually complaints that arise are digestive complaints such as abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, difficult bowel movements accompanied by prolonged fever. Not one of several possibilities above, or a combination of several diseases above. There are still many other possibilities that happen to you, given the limitations of the data that I have gotten, I cannot confirm the diagnosis that has happened to you. To distinguish some of these disorders, it is necessary to do a direct examination by a doctor. The doctor will perform a complete history, complete physical examination, and supporting examinations to confirm the diagnosis.

Right now what you can do is:

 Re-check yourself a doctor, chances are the doctor will evaluate your disease. Get enough rest, and sleep 7-8 hours per day. Eating, and drinking enough to increase body immunity. That's all the answers I can give, sorry for the shortcomings.

Thank you :)

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