Causes And Treatment Of Itching In The Skin?

Illustration of Causes And Treatment Of Itching In The Skin?
Illustration: Causes And Treatment Of Itching In The Skin?

Good afternoon. My mother has no itching in the skin but no pain, what are the symptoms and how to treat it. I read from another site, is it true that dirty blood also affects the itch

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Good night Rino, thank you for asking at Aldokter.

Itching and pain are two different sensations, where itching and pain do not have to occur together or one appears first followed by another sensation.

The cause of itching itself is quite diverse, can be caused by allergic reactions in the body that occur, certain skin diseases (eg psoriasis, dermatitis, dry skin), parasitic infections in the body (eg scabies or worm infections), fungal infections of the skin, pregnancy , diseases of the liver / thyroid gland / kidney, or side effects of certain drugs.

Because there are so many possible causes of itching complaints, it is necessary to further assess the complaints and conditions of your mother directly by the doctor. It may also require certain tests to determine the cause and location of the disorder that causes the itchiness, such as blood tests, skin patch tests, and several other tests depending on the doctor's consideration. After determining the cause, then it will be further determined what therapy should be given to overcome the conditions experienced by your mother, even if it is deemed necessary your mother can also be consulted to a specialist in a particular field in accordance with the abnormalities found.

Regarding the term dirty blood itself, in the medical world dirty blood is defined as blood that contains waste substances from the body's metabolism and no longer contains oxygen in it and this blood will be re-flowed into the heart. Regarding various myths that state that dirty blood can cause various diseases, until now it has not been scientifically proven, including causing itching complaints.

For now, it's best for your mother not to take any drugs other than those recommended by the doctor because other drugs can cause complaints to become more severe. It is also advisable not to scratch excessively because scratching can cause irritation or sores on the skin. Keep your mother's body clean so free from various infections or skin diseases that can arise due to lack of care for skin hygiene.

I hope this helps.

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