Causes And Treatment Of Right Eye Blurred In 15-year-old Children?, .. my child is 15 years old and yesterday just checked into the eye doctor. Because of my child’s complaint the right eye is blurred, unable to see clearly. And finally we decided to go to the ophthalmologist. the lens but still his right eye is still blurred. And finally the doctor said if the right eye is damaged to the nerves. and the doctor also said that if this could be congenital at birth. what I want to ask is what category of eye disease. can be cured. thanks

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Hello Aniekfitri,

Are there any complaints of red eyes and pain and since when have blurred eyes felt? Is it happening suddenly or has it been a long time and increasingly burdensome? Blurred eye complaints are most often caused by refractive disorders (minus, plus, and cylindrical eyes). But if you have done an examination with a trial lens the eye cannot be corrected perfectly, it is necessary to think about other possible causes.

I assume your child's eyes are painless and that happens suddenly. If there are other complaints, please make the question back with more complete information because the possible causes are also different. Some of the causes of blurred eyes without pain, without red eyes, and occur suddenly include:

Retinal detachment / retinal detachment
Bleeding in the eye
Amaurosis fugax due to temporary blockage of blood flow to the eye
Retinal vein occlusion
If there is pain: uveitis, keratitis, corneal ulcer, glaucoma, optic neuritis

Damage to the nerves of the eye referred to by the doctor may be related to damage to the retina, along the nerve pathways, or the back part of the brain. For the healing itself depends on the nerve condition of your child's eyes. Does your doctor give therapy or medication to your child? I suggest that you discuss again with the eye doctor who treats your child about the exact cause of blurry eye complaints and also the possibility of treatment because the doctor who examined better understands the condition of your child's eyes.

For the time being, your child can do the following tips:

Rest your eyes regularly
Minimize the use of gadgets
Avoid rubbing your eyes
Adjust reading distance and room lighting
Get enough rest

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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