Causes And Treatment Of Toxoplasmosis?

Illustration of Causes And Treatment Of Toxoplasmosis?
Illustration: Causes And Treatment Of Toxoplasmosis?

Is toxoplasma that attacks the eye can be cured ?? how to cure it and what are the consequences ??? thank you

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Toxoplasma or toxoplasmosis is a disease caused by a parasitic infection called toxoplasma gondii. Transmission of this disease can occur from the entry of parasites from animal feces such as cats or other types of animals that enter the body through food consumed, meat that is not yet cooked and contaminated by the parasite, transmission from pregnant women to their fetuses or through blood transfusions.
Toxoplasmosis can cause eye disorders, disability in the fetus that is conceived when a positive pregnant woman experiences acute toxoplasma infection, hearing loss, disorders of the digestive tract, liver, to the brain.
In people who have strong immunity, these infections are less likely to cause symptoms and the parasite will stay in the body asleep or inactive. But one day if the immunity decreases, the parasite can be active again and cause symptoms.
Toxoplasmosis can affect the eyes and cause disturbances in vision. Of course, before determining the eye disorders caused by the parasitic toxoplasma, a series of specific examinations are needed to rule out other possible eye diseases.
Toxoplasma infection treatment can be given anti-parasitic drugs such as pyrimethamine and sulfadiazine. Provision of these drugs must be based on examination and medical approval from the examining doctor. If toxoplasmosis is suspected in the eye, immediately do an examination with an eye specialist in order to get more specific therapies to treat the symptoms caused.
Symptoms of toxoplasma may disappear with treatment, but this parasite will remain in the body for a lifetime in dormant / inactive conditions so that it will not cause complaints.
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