Causes And Treats Depression To Sleeplessness?

Illustration of Causes And Treats Depression To Sleeplessness?
Illustration: Causes And Treats Depression To Sleeplessness? Bing

If a person experiences sadness for a long time, can it be said that he is depressed? and what if you experience it at a different time but long enough whether the depression is really that bad? The symptoms experienced are difficulty sleeping at night and often sleeping during the day, as well as hurting yourself more often, please provide a solution, thank you

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Hi Fitri,

For someone who is depressed, he will feel prolonged sadness, hopelessness, not interested in the things he likes, feeling worthless and often blaming himself. Everyone will experience depression when something desired is not achieved. But what should be a concern here is when experiencing prolonged depression and tends to harm oneself and even others, such as attempts to hurt oneself or commit suicide.

Various symptoms of depression can be classified into 2 aspects, namely:

- Psychological aspects

always feeling guilty hopeless worthless low self esteem anxiety and worry excessive irritability often crying difficulty concentrating lack of motivation tending to hurt oneself - Physical aspect

difficulty sleeping, always feeling tired, lost energy, changes in menstrual periods in women, difficulty in urinating, slow body movements, no sexual arousal, no appetite, drastic changes in body weight, To be able to say someone is depressed, some of these aspects will be experienced every day over time +/- 2 weeks, thus affecting their daily activities.

However, you should consult a psychiatrist to be able to do some examinations and appropriate treatment for these complaints. Treatment can also be in the form of drugs or psychotherapy depending on the cause of the complaint.

Thus my explanation, can also be read in this article. May be useful. Thank you

Regards, dr. Valan Tauran

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