Causes And Treats Genital Warts?

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Hello. I found that I have genital warts on my anus and on my genitals. But I have never had sexual contact with anyone. However, in the family there are those who have warts but not genital warts but on the back. I ask what is the cause? Am I better off minor surgery or with ointment alone? After treatment. Is it more recommended for HPV immunization?

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Hi Ray,

Thank you for asking

You need to know beforehand, that there are many masses that can have a clinical appearance resembling warts. Therefore, if you have never consulted a doctor, you should not make conclusions too early regarding the complaints you are experiencing.

In addition to warts, masses in the anus and genitals as you experience can also arise due to the following conditions:

Hypertrophic scars, keloids Folliculitis (hair root infection) Scabies (scabies, Sarcoptes scabeii mite infection) Tinea cruris (fungal infection of the genitals, groin, and anus) Cutaneous candidiasis (Candida sp. fungal infection) Molluscum contagiosum (Molluscum contagiosum virus infection) Pearly Penile papule Neurofibromatosis Contact dermatitis Follicular keratoses Sebaceous hyperplasia Benign or malignant tumors, etc. Further information is needed regarding the characteristics of the mass you are experiencing, i.e. what color, how big is the size, consistency, is it itching, pain, or other complaints . So, it would be much better if you went to see a doctor directly. With a direct evaluation, doctors can generally distinguish whether it is true that the complaints you are experiencing are caused by warts or other causes. Handling will also be tailored to the cause of your complaint. If it is really caused by warts, then the treatment can be done through the provision of ointments, plasters, or special sprays, frozen surgery (cryotherapy), curettage, laser, or even electrosurgery. You can do HPV immunization to minimize the risk of genital warts and cervical cancer transmission. However, this immunization does not necessarily cure the complaints you are currently experiencing.

In addition to seeing a doctor, you should not touch the mass that appears, or squeeze it forcibly. Always keep your anus and genital area clean, by rinsing it with clean water after every bowel movement, dry it well before using it. get dressed, and wear clean, soft clothes. Stay away from all forms of casual sex, not only vaginal sex, but also anal sex or oral sex.

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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