Causes And Treats Hemorrhoids?

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I’ve had hemorrhoids and there’s a lump outside (my anal valve is still tight). If my diet doesn’t have any problems, even though the lump won’t go away and doesn’t even hurt/disturb. On the other hand, if I eat unhealthy, I’m a bit sick, and if I change my healthy lifestyle again, there’s no problem anymore. Ask if the lump should be operated on? Actually it doesn’t bother me much.

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Hello, thanks for your question.

Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids are swelling of the veins in the smooth muscles of the walls of the rectum and anus. There are 2 types of hemorrhoids, namely internal hemorrhoids (inside) and external hemorrhoids (outside). Risk factors for hemorrhoids include:

Chronic constipation or diarrhea. Obesity. Pregnancy. Age. Lifestyle factors such as sitting for long periods of time or straining frequently. Family history of the same disease. Treatment for hemorrhoids varies depending on the type and severity. The treatment method chosen can be in the form of medication (drugs) and medical procedures (including surgery). Medications in the form of drugs taken (oral), ointment/cream, suppository drugs (inserted into the buttocks). While medical procedures to treat hemorrhoids can be in the form of injections, hemorrhoid binding and infrared coagulation. Surgery is a last resort if hemorrhoids cannot be treated with other methods or if hemorrhoids are severe enough.

From the symptoms you describe, it is possible that the hemorrhoids are external hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids are surgically removed (this procedure is called hemorrhoidectomy) usually if they cause pain, thrombosis (blockage), severe bleeding, large hemorrhoids, or hemorrhoids that often come back despite treatment.

For this reason, it is best to consult a doctor to get an immediate examination so that the appropriate treatment can be found. You can consult a surgeon. Generally, hemorrhoids can be diagnosed by history taking (interview) and physical examination. However, if necessary, a proctoscopy or biopsy can be carried out.

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