Causes And Treats Lower Right Abdominal Pain?

Illustration of Causes And Treats Lower Right Abdominal Pain?
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at night.. I want a consultation, yesterday I had a miscarriage and the doctor’s check turned out to be clean so without a curette. Then 3 months HB with my husband.. Then after my HB was 19 days late for my period. After the check, the results were vague and I had pain in my lower right abdomen, after consultation and ultrasound it was still empty, then on the 20th day I had my period, and when I tested the result was negative, when he was bleeding he came out frozen blood the size of the big toe.. And the stomach still hurts, until now the stomach still hurts often in the lower right and lower left. Sometimes the navel.. When I pray sitting between two prostrations, my lower right abdomen hurts a lot.. After examining the doctor, they only gave me medicine, he said it was the effect of vaginal discharge because I often had vaginal discharge too.. Then I was given the medicine IBUPROFEN and CEFADROXIL. after eating the medicine suddenly 5 hours later my leg immediately hurt on the right side from waist to toe…rnWhat do you think I’m really sick about??

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Good morning mom

Thanks for the question.

The complaints that mothers feel can be caused by several things, including:

Pelvic Inflammation Urinary Tract Infection Inflammation of the cervix It would be better for you to check with a Gynecologist, yes, so that the doctor can take a history (doctor-patient question and answer), physical examination, supporting examinations such as vaginal swab (checking vaginal fluid to detect if there are signs of inflammation or infection), blood tests, urine tests (to see if there are signs of infection in the urinary tract), and ultrasound.

After the underlying cause of the complaint is clear, then the appropriate treatment can be given.

In addition, mothers need to maintain the health and hygiene of the intimate organs, in more detail, you can read the following article: How to take care of the cleanliness and health of the intimate organs

So hopefully it can be useful.

dr. Annes

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