Causes And Treats Pregnancy Outside The Womb?

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Pregnancy outside the womb or pregnancy outside the uterus or also known as ectopic pregnancy is a condition where the fetus that is formed during conception does not attach to the uterine wall. This fetus can attach anywhere, but most often attaches to the fallopian tube.

An ectopic pregnancy can occur for many reasons, some of which are:

infection or inflammation of the fallopian tubes
the presence of scar tissue in the reproductive tract (eg due to a history of infection or a history of surgery)
the presence of adhesions in the reproductive tract
abnormal shape of the reproductive tract
the presence of genetic disorders or abnormalities in the fetus that is formed

The risk of having an ectopic pregnancy may increase in women who are pregnant at an older age, have a history of previous ectopic pregnancies, have a history of abortion, smoke, have endometriosis, have a history of infection in the reproductive tract or a history of surgery around the pelvis, using an IUD or having had a tubal ligation. .

An ectopic pregnancy can be diagnosed in several ways. The first thing that usually indicates the presence of an ectopic pregnancy is the patient's clinical symptoms. Common symptoms are lower abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. Tests that can be done to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy include:

HCG hormone levels (usually you will find HCG hormone levels that are lower than the expected gestational age)
low progesterone levels
Ultrasound (default is transvaginal ultrasound)

Ultrasound findings in ectopic pregnancy conditions can vary. Each finding on ultrasound has a different diagnostic value. The diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy will be made from a combination of clinical symptoms, laboratory tests, and ultrasound findings. Some of the ultrasound findings that can indicate an ectopic pregnancy include:

an empty uterus (no gestational sac in the uterus)
the discovery of the gestational sac outside the uterus
the presence of a pseudogestational sac* or decidual cyst*

finding the decidual cast*

thick, echogenic endometrium
there is free fluid outside the uterus
and many other signs

*are the terms for the findings in ultrasound examination

Because there are many signs that can be found in ectopic pregnancy in addition to the absence of a gestational sac in the uterus, you should ask more clearly with the doctor who performs the ultrasound examination. Sometimes it is necessary to have periodic examinations to be able to know for sure whether a person has an ectopic pregnancy or just an invisible fetal pouch due to a very young gestational age.

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