Causes And Treats Rashes On Baby’s Skin?

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I want to ask my son who was 2.5 years old previously infected with hmdf or Singapore flu 1 month ago. But now there are red spots filled with itchy water and then they break into scabs but only on the back of the buttocks and are accompanied by fever for 2 days, can my child be said to have chickenpox? But the pimple that contains water is only on the back of the buttocks. I just went to a regular clinic and was given hydrocortisone ointmentrnPlease answer, thank you

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Hello Mrs/Mr Fadly,

Rashes on the skin must be seen directly to determine the cause, because the causes are many. Causes of skin rashes include:

Infections, whether viral (pox, measles, HFMD, rubella, etc.), fungi, bacteria and mites (scabies/scabies) Allergic contact dermatitis or irritation, for example from soap, lotion, etc. Insect bites Diaper rash Other, for example burns , lupus, Scarlet fever and many other causes

HFMD is a self-limiting disease, only requiring special treatment if necessary and based on the doctor's consideration. The rash that currently appears on the buttocks may be due to diaper rash or other causes.

Chickenpox is a disease caused by the Varicella zoster virus. The sign is a rash on the skin in the form of lumps filled with water with various phases, it can be broken or not. This rash appears on the face, behind the ears, scalp, chest, stomach, arms and legs (almost all over the body). In your child, the rash is localized so it's likely not chickenpox.

You should still give medicine according to the doctor's recommendations. If it doesn't improve within a few days, you should take your child back to the doctor for a re-examination. The doctor will give medicine according to the cause.

In the meantime, you should avoid using disposable diapers until the rash is completely healed or if you have to change the diaper frequently so it doesn't stay moist for a long time.


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