Causes And Treats Ulcers On A Child’s Head?

Illustration of Causes And Treats Ulcers On A Child’s Head?
Illustration: Causes And Treats Ulcers On A Child’s Head?

I want to ask why there are more and more small boils on my child’s head and almost all his head

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Hello Tian, ‚Äč‚Äčthank you for asking

Boils are pus-filled lumps that usually feel pain that comes out due to bacterial infections in the hair follicles or where hair grows. Therefore it usually appears on the head, face, armpits, buttocks or knees which usually experience more frequent friction.

These ulcers can vary in size from small or large, which can also be more than one. Symptoms of these boils are usually:

The skin around the lump is red, swollen, and feels warm to the touch
Lumps or boils can increase in size and contain pus
A white dot is formed in the center of the peak of the bump

In mild cases ulcers do not usually require specific treatment. However, if ulcers occur in children under five, and this condition is getting worse or more numerous we recommend to check your child's skin condition to the doctor for further treatment.

This increased ulcers can continue to grow and the infection can spread if left untreated. And we do not recommend that your child be given medication for adults. Treatment of these ulcers needs to be done by looking at the skin condition directly that occurs in your child. Besides the dose used and the class of drugs given to children will certainly be different from adults.

In addition to medical treatment from a doctor, some simple ways you can do to speed healing include:

Compress boils with warm water, using a berish towel and then do warm compresses several times to reduce pain and help collect pus to the middle so that it is easily removed
Carefully clean broken boils with sterile gauze soaked with NaCl infusion water or antiseptic solution
Do not forget to wash your hands with soap before cleansing and boils
Hindatri uses ointments without doctor's advice

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