Causes And Ways Of Dealing With 9-month-old Babies Vomit Once A Day?

Illustration of Causes And Ways Of Dealing With 9-month-old Babies Vomit Once A Day?
Illustration: Causes And Ways Of Dealing With 9-month-old Babies Vomit Once A Day?

, I have a child aged 9 months lately often vomiting at least once a day, and vomiting is not certain sometimes it has been 2 hours to drink then vomiting and quite a lot, sometimes also after drinking for a while mutah. All I ask is what causes vomiting and what is the solution. thanks.

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Good afternoon. Thank you for asking

Vomiting in infants can be caused by something normal or abnormal. Usually the baby's normal condition removing the product from the mouth or digestive tract is spit up, this often occurs when the baby is around 0 to 5 months, which usually does not work perfectly in the stomach muscle ring. Usually the normal vomiting is not accompanied by abdominal pain and without any pressure during vomiting.

As for vomiting that is not normal or related to health conditions is

Vomiting that looks dark red, greenish yellow.
The baby looks enlarged belly
Babies experience abdominal pain
Vomiting violently and continuously.

If this condition is found you should immediately take your child to the hospital because maybe it is a condition related to

Infections of the digestive tract
Inflammation in the appendix
Food poisoning

For some things that need to be done is

Adequate fluid needs to prevent fluid deficiency
If after eating you should not lay directly but in an upright condition
Get used to burp the baby if after eating

More information in this article.

Thus the information we can convey. Thank you hopefully useful.

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