Causes And Ways Of Dealing With Bipolar Sufferers?

Illustration of Causes And Ways Of Dealing With Bipolar Sufferers?
Illustration: Causes And Ways Of Dealing With Bipolar Sufferers?

Hello, I want to ask what is Kab and Bipolar Disease? Is it contagious? How to deal with people who are kab and bipolar ?? thank you

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Hello, Ms. Alifia thank you for consulting with us on

We will submit your questions about Bipolar Disease, because we are sorry we do not understand your questions about 'Kab' disease.

Based on his understanding, bipolar disorder is a mental disorder characterized by dramatically different emotional changes. Where sufferers will experience symptoms of mania (very happy) and depression (very bad) but at different times but very quickly or even almost simultaneously. The cause until now can not be ascertained, it's just that experts suspect that there are effects of interference with compounds in the brain or so-called neurotransmitters that can be triggered due to genetic, social and environmental factors and physical factors.

Bipolar is a mental disorder that is not mediated by other agents such as bacteria, germs, viruses and other intermediary agents. So bipolar disorder is not a contagious disease. Whereas if you have a close friend or someone closest to bipolar, then your attitude should be:

still show bipolar sufferers, that you still care for him even with his current condition
always be patient with bipolar sufferers so that he is comfortable with you and can transmit positive energy to him
be a good listener for him, because the factor that causes a person to experience bipolar disorder is the absence of a person who cares about everything that happens to him and he feels struggled by himself
offer help to him especially when he is relapsing but never force the will if he doesn't want your help
understand the condition and avoid acting as if you pity him, because this will make him feel offended and self-isolated
give him a temporary time to be able to calm himself and control his emotions, as well as reflect on his attitude and illness
provide support and enthusiasm and offer to do therapy slowly, because often patients are very lazy and also nervous to do therapy, when getting support it is very possible for sufferers to want to do therapy

Thus we can convey, hopefully it is useful for you. thanks.

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