Causes And Ways Of Overcoming One-sided Dark Eyes?

Illustration of Causes And Ways Of Overcoming One-sided Dark Eyes?
Illustration: Causes And Ways Of Overcoming One-sided Dark Eyes?

I want to ask the doc why my right eye is dark and this is disturbing because it makes me unable to see the left object quickly and makes my reflexes decrease making me sometimes bump into my friend please the solution doc

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Hello Aditya, Thank you for the question.

How long has this complaint occurred and does it occur suddenly or slowly? To be able to see objects requires a good function of both eyes. A disturbance in one eye can interfere with the overall vision process. If you already have vision problems like this, do not delay again you should immediately consult an eye specialist for further examination. Further examination by the doctor is needed to ascertain the cause of these symptoms so that proper treatment can be given immediately by the doctor to prevent further complications.

Some of the causes of vision go dark are:

infection of the eyeball
retinal detachment
blood vessel obstruction of the eye
nerve damage to the eye
brain tumor

The treatment that will be given by a doctor for each of the above conditions will of course be different. Please consult your ophthalmologist immediately; You should not delay this consultation so that the cause can be known and the doctor can provide treatment in accordance with these conditions. For now, please be careful in your activities. Avoid driving a motorized vehicle.

Hopefully this information is useful.

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