Causes And Ways To Cure Scoliosis?

Illustration of Causes And Ways To Cure Scoliosis?
Illustration: Causes And Ways To Cure Scoliosis?

Hi .. I am 18 years old, when I was 15 years old when I fell down during my martial arts practice, I have suffered from nerve pain, since then I often get regular massages but it doesn’t get better because the massage can’t be far away u0026amp; take a lot of time to go there. When I was 18, my back hurt a lot, I consulted a doctor, he said scoliosis, the size was still less than 10 degrees, but if you look in the mirror my back was already very prominent on the right, I was advised to swim, but after swimming my back it hurts so much, to sit even hurts. May I do surgery? The thing is if I stretch / swim, the next day after I wake up my back feels very painful

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Squeezed spinal nerves can indeed cause very annoying pain. Not only pain, sufferers often also experience tingling, numbness, weakness, and even paralysis in more severe cases. Pinched nerves in the spine can occur after injury, or also due to nerve fibers in the spinal pressure by tumors and surrounding infections. Handling of this condition can be done differently, there is enough to be handled by administering drugs and physiotherapy, but some are recovering with surgery.

Because of the pain due to nerve pain, often the body will be tilted to one side. This can increase your risk of scoliosis, which is a condition in which the spine curves sideways abnormally to form an inverted S or S. Not only that, the incidence of scoliosis is also closely related to spinal pox from birth, certain neuromuscular disorders (such as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy), as well as injury or infection in the spine. Scoliosis can also aggravate clinical symptoms of pinched nerves if not treated properly.

Depending on the cause and severity, scoliosis in patients with pinched nerves can be treated with a variety. Frequently, surgery is only recommended if the degree of scoliosis is severe enough (more than 40 degrees). Why is that? Because scoliosis surgery is not without risk. Although rare, scoliosis surgery can also cause complications such as bleeding, infection, paralysis, and even death. Therefore, the decision to undergo surgery needs to be carefully considered, with direct discussion with the doctor. A good doctor, of course, will recommend appropriate treatment, which is considered to produce more benefits for patients than the risk of complications.

At this time, we recommend that you consult with your doctor or orthopedic surgeon to find the best solution for your problem. Besides surgery, scoliosis and pinched nerves can sometimes also be treated with medication, installation of special corsets, or physiotherapy. Back again, the best treatment options should be adapted to the conditions of each patient who is certainly different.

In the meantime, you can first relieve the pain you feel with a warm compress or apply pain relief cream on the painful part of the body. Make sure you always pay attention to your posture when doing activities to always be ergonomic and minimize the risk of injury. Do not forget, avoid using high heels, always wear comfortable clothes, and do more stretching exercises, for example swimming or yoga, so that your complaints gradually improve.

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