Causes And Ways To Deal With Acne And Lead?

Illustration of Causes And Ways To Deal With Acne And Lead?
Illustration: Causes And Ways To Deal With Acne And Lead?

Hello,. I’m 23 years old. 3 months ago, my face suddenly broke out suddenly even though there had never been a problem with acne, at least one or two pimples before menstruation. Initially it starts in the forehead, then spreads to the nose, cheeks and chin. I am currently consulting with a second doctor because I feel I don’t fit in with the first (2.5 months using a doctor’s cream from two different doctors). I was also given an allergy medicine from the current doctor. Strangely my stunts that have been lost / deflated at any time can come back again and inflamed to the point of severe and damaging appearance. My office friends said maybe I was allergic to doctor’s food / dust / cream, but my doctor himself couldn’t say the exact cause. Right now I am really in the worst phase of breakout than before. With a case like this, what might be the cause and how to deal with it? Thanks, 🙂

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Hello devinaanjelia,

Thank you for asking

Pimple bruntusan on the skin is generally a multifactorial condition, not only specific related to certain factors, but is influenced by hormonal, genetic, personal hygiene, lifestyle, stress, improper skin care, and so on. Because of this multifactorial cause, treatment for acne also cannot be done solely by relying on doctor's handling alone. You also need to balance this with independent handling, including:

Adjust your diet
You need to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables
Limit consumption of oily, high cholesterol and high carbohydrate foods
If there really is a food that makes you allergic, stay away from consumption of these foods
Drink plenty of water

Manage stress wisely
Increase relaxation and meditation
Don't think about anything too complicated
Don't worry easily, panic, or stress

Take good care of the skin
Only use skin care products recommended by your doctor
Do not handle skin with dirty hands
Wash your face every 2 times a day with proper cleansing soap
Do not rub excessive skin
Use a moisturizer and sunblock before activating
Protect your skin from direct contact with dust, smoke, pollution, and excessive sunlight
If pimples appear, don't overhand, let alone squeeze, squeeze, or force-pick
Don't use cosmetics too thick

Live a healthy lifestyle, including getting up and sleeping regularly, stay away from cigarettes

Treatment for acne prone skin can not be done in a short time. At least, it takes 2 to 4 weeks for normal skin cells to have an optimal generation. Therefore, the results of the treatment of acne that you experience can only appear significant after passing through that time span.

Therefore, do not despair huh ... Consult your skin condition regularly with a skin specialist doctor so that you can be given the right treatment. And balance the handling of the doctor with the steps above so that the results are more optimal.

Hope this helps ...

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