Causes And Ways To Deal With Facial Swelling?

Illustration of Causes And Ways To Deal With Facial Swelling?
Illustration: Causes And Ways To Deal With Facial Swelling?

Hello, I want to ask at first, after I woke up, my friend’s eyelids turned red and stained, and ran to his face for 5 days, his face became sore, dry, swollen, hot, itchy and red. that’s why yes what is the cause and how to deal with it because it is not strong with itching. Thank you

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Hello smoked,

Thank you for asking

The red, sore, swollen, hot, itchy, and dry rash that starts from the eyelids and then radiates to the entire face may indicate some of the following conditions:

Allergy (excessive body sensitivity to certain substances, because they are considered harmful to the body, when in fact they are not)

Contact dermatitis (inflammation of the skin that occurs as a result of contact with an irritative substance or due to an allergy to a substance that comes in contact with the skin)

Insect or other animal bites
Skin infections, such as cellulitis, impetigo, erysipelas
Others, for example burns, drug eruptions, atopic dermatitis, and so on

This condition should not be considered trivial. It is feared, if left unchecked, complaints can continue to spread or experience secondary infections making it more difficult to cure. Check with your doctor or skin specialist immediately so that your complaints can be handled properly according to the cause. Allergy tests, laboratory tests, or other investigations may be done by doctors if they suspect that there is a more serious condition.

At this time, you can first do the following trick:

Compress the eyelid and face areas that have complaints with cold compresses
Do not hold the eye and face areas that experience complaints with dirty hands
Avoid applying any drugs or substances to the eyes and faces that experience complaints
Always keep your facial skin clean
Avoid using facial wash soap that is irritating or prone to triggering allergies
do not panic

Hope this helps ...

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