Causes And Ways To Deal With Fever Accompanied By Headaches

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History of experiencing hypotension (low blood pressure) can indeed cause a person to become dizzy and have headaches. However, if only because of this, your wife should not necessarily experience fever, malaise, redness in the jaw to the gums, and swelling in the eyes. Most likely, if all of these complaints are experienced by your wife, then your wife is experiencing a viral or bacterial infection (for example measles, parotitis, sinusitis, ARI, digestive infections, dental abscesses, hepatitis, dengue fever, typhoid fever, tonsillitis, even COVID- 19), meningitis, hormonal disorders, inflammatory disorders, certain malignancies, drug allergies or other substances, and so on.

If your wife's complaint occurs more than 3 days, you should not leave it alone. Ask your wife to see herself directly to the doctor or internal medicine doctor so that her condition can be further evaluated, namely by physical examination, blood tests, feces, urine, CT scan, or also other supporting tests. In this way, of course the best treatment can be given by a doctor.

In the meantime, the initial steps that can be taken to improve complaints are:

Take paracetamol so that fever, headache, and swelling subside
Warm compresses on the swollen eye area
Rest more, don't stay up
Diligent showering, brushing teeth, proceed with gargling using salt solution
Regularly exercise as much as you can
Eat a variety of healthy foods, first reduce foods that contain lots of salt, flavorings, and bad fats
Do not smoke
Don't think too much

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