Causes And Ways To Deal With Frequent Spit Up In Infants?

Illustration of Causes And Ways To Deal With Frequent Spit Up In Infants?
Illustration: Causes And Ways To Deal With Frequent Spit Up In Infants?

Hello, I want to ask, does the taste of breast milk depend on the food I eat? I have heard from people that my ASI does not taste good, because my child likes to vomit while breastfeeding, does my breast milk overdo it or does it taste bad? I do not eat anything in abstinence, such as eating fish which is said to be fishy-smelling, and what is the solution? So my child likes to spit up if my child doesn’t sleep when after breastfeeding or I don’t burp, but if after breastfeeding I never spit up, is it normal or not?

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Hello Dawn,

Thank you for asking

Frequent spit up in babies mainly results from too much gas entering the digestive tract. This condition can be caused by the habit of breastfeeding in a hurry, suckling while sobbing, suckling using a pacifier, or also due to not burping after breastfeeding. This spit is marked by the release of a little milk that the baby has just consumed, with a low flow (not spraying). After spit up, the baby will often not complain about anything, such as fussing, fatigue, and so on.

Spit up is different from vomiting. Babies who vomit will release more fluid, not only milk that has just been consumed, but also the entire contents of the stomach to spray. When vomiting, babies will often become more fussy and cry easily. Vomiting can occur due to food allergies, intolerance or malabsorption, food poisoning, digestive infections, infections in other organ systems, brain tumors, head or neck injuries, and so on. This vomiting risks causing the baby to become dehydrated or impaired electrolyte balance, so it must be handled properly.

Indeed, to some extent, the type of food and drinks that a mother consumes can affect the quality (including taste) of the milk fed to her baby. However, this change in the quality of breast milk should not cause your baby to vomit.

If only your baby's spit up, you really don't need to worry. Just make it a habit for your baby to suckle directly from the breast (don't use a pacifier), burp every time he feeds, feed the baby with discipline so that he doesn't suck while in a hurry or while crying, and make sure your hands and breasts are clean while nursing your baby. Clean diligently the baby's oral cavity after every feeding, in the bath, and before bed so that no dirt is swallowed and trigger vomiting. Do not forget, focus on giving your baby breast milk, do not add food or other drinks before the baby is 6 months old, and also do not carelessly give babies drugs without a doctor's prescription.

However, if in fact what your baby is experiencing is vomiting, it is better to check with him directly to the doctor or a pediatrician to be given the best management huh ..

I hope this helps.

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