Causes And Ways To Deal With Headaches And Loss Of Concentration?

A good afternoon! I am 20 years old, I often experience headaches like throbbing pulsations and I often like thinking of many strange things that should not be thought of and must be thought over and over again. In addition, sometimes when I am invited to communicate or do activities such as lack of focus and concentration when previously I had never been like this. And I also get tired easily. Guess u0026sup2; why me? And how to overcome it?

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Hello Endah, thank you for asking

Previously, I will try to answer your question, Dr. Rio.

Complaints that you feel are frequent headaches, difficulty focusing, and difficulty concentrating are complaints that can arise due to stress on something that is constantly disturbing your mind. Headache or medically called cephalgia, is a clinical condition in the form of pain in the head region and can be felt up to the neck. Headaches that can arise throughout the head or even in certain parts / side. Headaches can also occur suddenly, feel like throbbing, or like punctured, or even like tightly bound straps.

Generally, headaches can occur from mild to severe. In mild headache complaints, complaints can be treated using painkillers. However, if headaches that arise from serious illness and complaints are severe, further treatment is needed.

The causes of headaches that arise can be caused by 2 things:

Primary causes, namely headaches that arise not because of a particular disease. But this headache arises due to disorders in the head area that are sensitive to pain, such as interference with the neck and head muscles, or in blood vessels or nerves.
Secondary causes, namely headaches that arise due to a particular disease or certain condition so that activates nerve pain in the head. Some of the causes such as hypertension, ear infections, flu, dental infections, sinusitis, disorders of the stomach / digestion, fever, and others. Even things like sleep deprivation, stress, late eating, caffeine consumption, using too tight headgear can cause headaches.

In addition to headaches, you also experience difficulty focusing and difficulty concentrating. Focus or concentration disturbances can also occur due to various things, such as fatigue, lack of sleep, lack of rest, and the most frequent cause is thinking about many things that can cause stress. And the stress caused by things that you think excessively can lead to headaches as you complain. Actually the complaints that you experience are like a circle, because from thinking about many things that should not be thought of, then you are triggered to focus on these things, so that there is a sense of stress and lack of rest and can cause headaches which can then return to being burden your mind again.

Right now what you can do is:

Avoid triggers headaches that arise
Take time to rest
Enough sleep
Eat nutritious and regular food
Reduce stress
If the complaint is felt to be increasingly disturbing daily activities, it is recommended the consumption of painkillers headaches or can consult directly to the doctor to find the cause of complaints that arise.

That's all my answer, Thank you

hope it helps and always healthy :)

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