Causes And Ways To Deal With Headaches That Do Not Heal?

I want to ask, what’s the common symptom of brain cancer? the problem is my head hurts a lot … but I feel dizzy but I also feel really sick. That’s also one of the characteristics of brain cancer, thanks for the answer …

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Brain cancer is an abnormal cell growth in the brain that is malignant. Cancer can occur in nerve cells or nerve supporting cells. Cancer cells originating from cells in the brain, called primary brain cancer. While cancer cells originating from cells in other organs in the body, are called secondary brain cancer, where cancer cells are spread from cancer cells in other organs, such as from breast cancer cells, prostate cancer, liver cancer and others.
Brain cancer sufferers will experience complaints of cancer in general, such as fever that is not known why, decreased appetite and weight. In addition, it will also complain of complaints due to disruption of brain tissue, such as severe headaches that can not be treated with ordinary painkillers, vomiting spraying (ie vomiting that occurs without nausea), decreased awareness and complaints of other nerve functions (such as paralysis of the limbs , the body feels tingling or tasteless and others). Complaints in the form of nerve function disorders will be felt according to the nervous system involved in the growth of cancer cells. In addition, complaints also occur due to cancer cells taking up brain space in the skull, thereby suppressing healthy tissue and increasing pressure inside the skull.
As for headaches, many things can cause it, namely:
1. A migraine or headache that feels throbbing.
2. Tension type headache, which is a headache that is felt like being pressed or tied to both sides of the head, where the headache is caused by stress or psychological pressure.
3. Cluster headache
4. Headaches caused by psychological disorders, such as insomnia, psychosomatic headaches, somatoform disorders and others.
5. Headaches caused by systemic diseases, such as anemia, hypertension, head injuries, brain infections, strokes, brain tumors and others.
Try to make enough sleep, which is 8 hours a day. Before taking a break, eat according to your needs by eating healthy and nutritious foods. Avoid consuming foods or drinks that contain caffeine (such as tea and coffee). Stop smoking and consuming alcohol if you have this bad habit. After eating and before going to bed, you can take over-the-counter painkillers. Do not neglect your sleep quality, you should sleep in the condition that the lights are turned off and all sound sources are disabled.
If so you still complain of headache or accompanied by signs of increased pressure inside the skull (more severe headaches, vomiting spraying and decreased awareness) or accompanied by nervous system disorders (such as weakness or paralysis of the limbs, tingling or thickness so that the skin looks like difficulty in feeling), consult a neurologist immediately. So that doctors can carry out further examinations and provide appropriate treatment according to the cause.
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