Causes And Ways To Deal With Mental Health?

Illustration of Causes And Ways To Deal With Mental Health?
Illustration: Causes And Ways To Deal With Mental Health?

My parents said, since my toddler was often beaten, my parents suddenly moved to a small town that used to live in a big city and that was the trigger they often did violence to me. I don’t know where else to tell, if I can’t find advice, I hope you can just listen. During elementary school I lived far from my father, lived with my mother and grandmother in a big city, didn’t have money but I didn’t want to complain about that. I and mother moved back to the small town, when I moved to the small town and gathered again I thought father would be softer than mother. But it turns out when I was in grade 5 elementary school I experienced physical violence again, from a small twig to the size of a baseball bat which was deliberately kept under my bed by my father. In middle school, I stopped trying to talk about my day-to-day life and it turned out that my parents were also unaware of my changes. In grade 3 in junior high, I started hurting myself, from pinching my skin with my nails, writing something on my skin with sharp objects, to a razor on my wrist, I was bullied and accused by lesbians at school until I finally stopped making friends. My grade 1 vocational school stopped studying and finally almost stayed in class, both of my parents looked for an explanation why my grades were not good but I couldn’t explain myself. In my second grade I moved out of town by myself, stayed with my grandmother again and didn’t get enough guidance. I started beating people because of a problem, there I didn’t feel strange. But when I came back to live with my parents, I started to do the same thing, torturing a cat that stole food by locking it in the bathroom, there wasn’t any feeling in my chest when I did it, there was no fear, happiness, sadness or guilt, I kept quiet and continued to flush it with the shower. 2018 I started hitting my brother because he was being insolent and physically abusing my parents, again I was silent when hitting him continuously, no feeling of guilt, guilt or pleasure, no expressions left my face. I am not a bad child, although disappointing my parents because they could not be as they asked, but I never reciprocated their treatment. Do I have an illness? Maybe mentally … because most of the events I do not know have to decide what feelings I should feel even though I’m doing violence on something.

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Hello qowlgy, thank you for asking

Mental health is an important thing that needs to be considered in the form of physical health. It is said that good mental health is when the mind or nature of the state of calm that allows one to carry out activities and daily life in peace. But on the contrary mental disorder is when a person experiences mood disorders, thinking ability, and emotional control which can ultimately lead to bad behavior.

There are many things that are ranked in mental disorders or often referred to as psychiatric disorders, the article further mentions: Types of Mental Disorders

Frequent self-injury or self injury is an action that is intentionally done to hurt or hurt yourself is one of the mental or psychological disorders that is a form of behavioral disorders associated with a number of psychiatric illnesses.

This self injury behavior is carried out in the form of self-injury both with sharp objects and blunt objects. As in the case of you twisting yourself with sharp objects is a self injury.Self-injury behavior is usually done to overcome the emotions and conditions being faced, for example stress, anger, anxiety, self-hatred, sadness, loneliness, despair, numbness , or guilt and so on.

Of course this behavior is very dangerous to your physical and mental health. Therefore, the perpetrators of this self injury need to get special treatment from psychiatrists, both psychologists and psychiatrists. The psychologist or psychiatrist will then conduct an examination for you to diagnose and also determine the cause, and then an appropriate treatment will be made for you.

Besides the habit of torturing animals can also risk psychological problems in the form of behavior disorders, psychotic disorders, alcohol abuse and so on. Therefore, if you have the habit of torturing animals, this action should be avoided immediately or stopped because it will be at risk of causing more severe psychological problems later.

The best thing to do is to consult further with a psychiatrist or psychologist for further treatment that is right for you. The doctor will provide several therapies such as psychotherapy, behavioral and cognitive therapy, group therapy, or with drugs.

To avoid this behavior, you can do it by:

Avoid being alone, gather with your loved ones like family and friends. Make the environment comfortable for you.
Get rid of sharp objects, chemicals, or other objects that can be a tool for self-injury
Doing positive activities that you enjoy, gathering with people who have positive habits can also help.
Do hobbies and activities that you enjoy
Avoid consumption of alcohol and drugs.
Start a healthy lifestyle by doing regular exercise, besides doing activities such as meditation and so on to calm down.

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