Causes And Ways To Deal With Migraines That Never Heal Despite Taking Medication?

Illustration of Causes And Ways To Deal With Migraines That Never Heal Despite Taking Medication?
Illustration: Causes And Ways To Deal With Migraines That Never Heal Despite Taking Medication?

Good afternoon … permission to ask … I’m Jane, 37 years old … It’s been more than 3 days I have a half head / migraine headache on the left side until all parts of the body on the left feel pain … cheer and tingling whereas normally if I feel migraine I just take headache medicine – Neuralgin or taking nutrive benecol because migraine often appears due to the effects of cholesterol increase … Migraine also often appears when I get my period … But this time I feel different … Already taking medication neuralgin (because I am the only neuralgin drug that is suitable and effective so far I drink when I feel a headache), have taken benecol nutrive, menstrual time has passed, have drunk warm water according to the rules, drink bear milk but the headache on the left is never subsided even I already feel feverish … What’s wrong with my body and head, y …. ?? What else do I have to do … ?? I often feel scared and even think it’s weird just because na Alm, daddy I also died of brain cancer u0026amp; It is known that it is in the final stage … the initial symptoms are headaches … Please help, info … Thank you … 🙏🙏

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headaches that appear severe and often can be caused by several possible causes:

1. Primary cephalgia: headache caused by blood vessels in the brain lacking oxygen or the stress that triggers headaches. Primary cephalgia consists of migraine headache, tension type headache, cluster headache and so on. Migraine is characterized by side headaches, throbbing, and there are those that start with an aura such as nausea, dizzy eyes and so on, and some without aura. Tension type headache (TTH) is characterized by headache in the front area (forehead) as bound or attracted, usually associated with stress or in a depressed state. Cluster headache is characterized by headaches accompanied by runny nose or oozing

2. Secondary cephalgia: headache accompanied by other causes such as meningitis or other infections in the brain. Meningitis is usually characterized by neck stiffness, the head cannot be bent, sometimes accompanied by coughing and fever for more than 2 weeks if the cause is tuberculosis

3. Organic disorders in the brain: organic disorders such as tumors or blockages in blood vessels or rupture of blood vessels (strokes)

To find out more about the causes, diagnosis and treatment of your complaints, we strongly recommend that you do an examination with a neurologist or a neurosurgeon, with a history of a father having a history of brain tumor pain, it is necessary to rule out this possibility through several examinations at the neurologist and neurosurgery such as through CT or MRI scans.

Prevention can be done:

1. Take pain medication if you really have a headache such as paracetamol 3 times a day 1 tablet

2. Many consume mineral water because it is rich in oxygen which is good for the brain

3. Many vegetables and fruit consumption as a good antioxidant to help prevent the possibility of cancer and so on

4. Immediately do an examination with a neurologist or neurosurgeon, if the headache is very severe and unbearable, immediately come to the nearest emergency room

thus hopefully useful

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