Causes And Ways To Deal With Muscle And Bone Pain And Fever?

Illustration of Causes And Ways To Deal With Muscle And Bone Pain And Fever?
Illustration: Causes And Ways To Deal With Muscle And Bone Pain And Fever?

Hello … slm mlm. I am irish at the age of 20 Some days I have a fever every day. And my muscles and bones are in rheumatic pain. Especially from the thighs to the legs. Pain is tight and tense so the muscles. Even for being sick it hurts. Dri sat to his feet and seblik. And now my feet feel hot.

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Hi Irennuraeni,

Fever or an increase in body temperature is generally part of the body's immune process when the body experiences inflammation or infection, in these conditions fever is generally a accompanying symptom that arises secondary or due to other diseases. Apart from infections, fever can also be caused by lack of fluids, thyroid dysfunction or drug side effects.

Here are some accompanying symptoms that can occur when you have a fever:

Myalgia (muscle aches) or pain in the affected / inflamed part
Listless, easily tired
Dizzy, not feeling well

Various symptoms above can occur due to infection or inflammation, for example bacterial infections such as typhoid fever, viral infections such as dengue fever or inflammation such as strep throat or arthritis of the gout.

If the complaint that you experience is very severe you should check with your doctor to ascertain the cause of your complaint and get treatment in accordance with the conditions that cause your complaint. The doctor will ask for a history of your complaint, conduct a physical examination or supporting examination if needed. Investigations that can be recommended by doctors are routine blood tests.

Treatment given by a doctor will be adjusted to the cause of your complaint. If the complaint is caused by a bacterial infection, the doctor will prescribe an appropriate antibiotic and other medicines to alleviate the symptoms of fever / pain that you are experiencing. Besides handling your doctor, you can also take the following recommendations regarding your complaint:

Avoid conditions that can cause complaints
Get enough rest
Consumption of water at least 2-3 liters per day for adults
You can compress the area with ice wrapped in a towel to help reduce pain. You can also compress your forehead using a towel with warm nail water to help reduce fever
You can take paracetamol to help deal with complaints of fever and reduce the pain that arises, consult a doctor immediately if the complaint persists or worsens

May be useful,

dr. Budiono

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