Causes And Ways To Deal With Pain In The Right Shoulder Blade Near The Spine?

Illustration of Causes And Ways To Deal With Pain In The Right Shoulder Blade Near The Spine?
Illustration: Causes And Ways To Deal With Pain In The Right Shoulder Blade Near The Spine?

I am 18 years old, my right shoulder blade near the spine feels painful, right pain sometimes there is a burning sensation or aches, pain reaches my right hand to the right neck, I have given balm etc. but does not heal even more painful, especially if used to ride a motorcycle feels pain all parts of the lower right neck, shoulder blades to the right hand, is this a pinched nerve? I have indeed fallen from the motor but only minor cuts and even then already 2 years ago. I have been to a neurologist but he said that he cannot be confirmed, and he has not recommended me for an MRI, what should I do? if the nerve is clamped, is it true that the nerve should be surgery? I was only given pain medication and antibiotics for 1 month, I could not wait long because there were many tasks and other activities that I had to do and this disease was very disturbing, thank you …

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Basically the structure of the neck consists of bones, blood vessels, ligaments, muscles, nerves, and cavities of the spine. In addition to supporting the weight of the head, this structure allows the neck to move flexibly and drain blood from and to the head. When the neck structure is injured, or abnormalities, complaints such as pain in the neck to the shoulders arise. Here are some conditions for the appearance of neck to shoulder pain including:

Muscle tension: due to the use of muscles in the neck that are too frequent and prolonged such as prolonged bowing, reading while lying down, neck muscle spasms, improper sleeping position

Head and neck injuries: neck injuries cause head jerks or injuries that make the neck bend, which can cause damage to the muscles, bones and nerves of the neck

Disorders of bone and neck joints: appearance of protrusions due to calcification of the bones in the elderly, or due to spinal deformities such as scoliosis or osteoporosis

Pinching of the nerves of the spine and neck: shifts in the structure of the cervical spine which ends in pinched nerves in the spine especially at the location of the neck

Certain diseases such as ramatik, meningitis, tumors in the area around the neck

To find out the exact cause of your condition, of course consult a doctor, it is better if you consult with an orthopedic doctor in particular / sub spine specialist. Most likely the cause will be known immediately. As you might understand, proper handling can only be done if the exact diagnosis can be erect or the cause can be known. In addition to handling the action or medication, most likely you will be advised to do physiotherapy to improve the use of neck muscles that have been disturbed due to abnormalities in the location of the neck. A history of accidents 2 years ago is very possible to be the originator of the complaints that you now feel, so this can be a consideration in conducting and choosing a later investigation.

While at home you can do several ways to reduce the pain that appears, such as:

apply cold compresses to the painful location, at least 10 to 15 minutes each time compressing, and can be repeated up to 3 times until the pain feels reduced
massage you can do to reduce muscle tension. It would be better if done by an experienced physiotherapist
perform neck movement exercises such as turning the shoulders, turning left and right, bending the head forward and back slowly. do each movement 10 times and can be repeated at least 3 to 4 times
pay attention to your sleeping position, where the head position is not too high. You can do it on a hard mattress so that you can sleep without a pillow in an open position, or you can use a special pillow to reduce neck muscle tension
if the pain still does not decrease, you can take pain relievers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen which you can buy at apootek without a doctor's prescription.

Thus we can convey, hopefully our information can help you. thanks.

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