Causes And Ways To Deal With The Eye Chin?

Morning. My right eye was rubbing along the eyelid so it was hard to open my new eyes after waking up and after I cleaned it, it kept coming out. When I press the upper eyelid it hurts a little too. Do you think this is because of dust or what? And do you have to see a doctor / just use eye drops? thank you

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Complaints of the eyelids that have a lot of dirt / rubbing, accompanied by pain and red eyes can be caused by bacterial infections in the conjunctiva of the eye (conjunctivitis).
Eye infection / conjunctivitis is often found in children to adults, because of its easy transmission through direct contact with patient fluids. Often sufferers rub / hold the eye that is sick and then touch other objects around it without washing his hands first. This is the most common cause of transmission of eye infections without much public knowledge. Generally bacterial conjunctivitis causes symptoms of red eyes accompanied by pain, the eye feels lumpy and there is dirt in the eye. The eye discharge often goes out to the eyelid, causing both upper and lower eyelids to stick when the dirt starts to dry. This condition is often experienced when I wake up.

Whereas viral conjunctivitis causes red eyes, accompanied by slightly excessive tear production and a lump in the diseased eye without dirt in the eyes.
In addition to conjunctivitis, there are various causes that can cause pain in the eyelids, accompanied by red eyes and dirt such as allergies to the eye, dry eye / dry eye, injury to the eye, hordeolum (bumps).

Handling recommended bacterial conjunctivitis is cleaning the dirt on the eyelids with clean cotton that was previously soaked in warm water with caution. Next to give eye drops or antibiotic eye ointment to get rid of germs that cause infection. Don't forget to always wash your hands after touching a sore eye to minimize transmission to the environment or other people.
Consult with your nearest doctor or ophthalmologist for further examination and proper administration of treatment.
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