Causes And Ways To Deal With Tired Eyes?

Illustration of Causes And Ways To Deal With Tired Eyes?
Illustration: Causes And Ways To Deal With Tired Eyes?

why when I blink sometimes there is blue starlight, it happens rarely and not much just 1, this symptom starts because I always stay up late at night while looking at the cellphone screen, I do it every day, after I stay up late until it arrives late arrive tomorrow when I blink sometimes there are blue star spots, please explain to me what’s wrong with my eyes, is my eyes tired or are there other disturbances?

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The eye condition that you experience needs to be explored further. Keep in mind since when the condition is experienced by you, what are the factors triggering these symptoms (after the activity of seeing gadgets or electronic screens, after bumping in the area around the eyes, in the morning when I wake up), are there any other symptoms experienced (pain in the eyes, eyes itching, watery eyes, decreased vision / blurry, double vision), eyes involved, history of previous eye disease, history of medical or surgical procedures in the eye, and history of treatment that you have done related to these symptoms.

The condition of tired eyes can cause interference with the activity, especially the vision. Some of the causes that can be predicted to trigger eyestrain include:

Drive a vehicle with a long distance.
Stare at a computer screen or gadget for a long time.
Reading for too long.
Having eye refraction abnormalities.
Seeing continuously in a low-light room.
Exposed to light that is too bright or blinding.

Tired eye conditions can manifest in a number of symptoms, including painful, sore, or itchy eyes, teary eyes or dry eyes, blurry and shaded vision, eyes more sensitive to light (appearance of light rays with varying shapes each person) . To treat your condition, it is advisable to do an examination with an ophthalmologist regarding further treatment.

It is necessary to examine the condition of your eyes from the eyelid to the inside of the eye with a funduscopic examination. After a thorough eye examination, the doctor can identify whether there is a medical condition in the eye that underlies your complaint. So that it can be done and given optimal treatment and according to the underlying cause.

There are several things you can do to reduce eye fatigue, including adjusting the power of your screen lighting to work, reducing the time of use and viewing gadgets, taking breaks every 20 minutes to not see the electronic screen, eye care according to indications (eg tear drops in dry eyes). Avoid using self-medication without doctor's instructions.

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