Causes And Ways To Gain Weight?

Illustration of Causes And Ways To Gain Weight?
Illustration: Causes And Ways To Gain Weight?

So what if there is something wrong with my body, why am I so hard to increase my weight? Now I want to increase it again, and what suggestions should be done so that there is a change in my weight?

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Hello Dhimas,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clarified, what is your exact weight and height now?

Difficult weight gain can be purely due to genetic factors (heredity), poor diet, unhealthy lifestyles, or it could be due to an illness, for example tuberculosis, hyperthyroidism, malignancy, digestive disorders, or other chronic diseases. These various conditions cannot be distinguished only based on brief information like this. Ideally, in-depth interviews, thorough physical examinations, and supporting examinations, such as X-rays, ultrasound, laboratories, etc. should be carried out before determining what steps need to be taken so that your body weight increases to be more ideal.

If it is true that a variety of ways have not been successful in helping you increase your weight, we suggest that you consult yourself directly to a doctor or a nutritionist. That way, if your condition arises due to an illness, the doctor can treat the disease first, then focus on increasing your weight.

The best steps you need to do right now:

Eat a variety of nutritious foods, rich in calories and protein, for example red meat, sea fish, whole grains, milk and processed products
Many also eat fruits and vegetables
Drink enough
Expand sports to build muscle mass, for example lifting weights, swimming, yoga, jogging, cycling, and so on. Do this exercise once every 1-2 days with a duration of at least 30 minutes peresinya
Do not smoke
Stay away from alcohol, especially drugs
Expand relaxation, do not think too much
Sleep early and regularly
Do not carelessly consume drugs or weight gain supplements without consulting a doctor first

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